Monday, May 28, 2018

Light Blogging This Week

I am going to be busy this week so blogging is likely going to be on the light side. I will get in what I can for your reading amusement.

Later 4 U,
Glenn B

No Clowning Around

A Little Caesar's Pizza place employee reportedly was closing the shop for the night and after exiting the building allegedly was attacked with a post and then with scissors both wielded by 
someone wearing what has been reported as a clown mask. The employee reportedly was able to draw his firearm and shoot his alleged assailant killing him. No charges have been filed against the pizza place worker (and let's hope that stays the case). More at the link below, including a photo of the so called clown mask and folks let me just say it looked more like a demon than a clown to me, see more at the source.

All the best,
Glenn B

Spent A Little Time At The Range Today...

...since I figured that exercising my liberties relative to our rights under the 2nd Amendment would be a good way to honor those who have fallen protecting those rights & liberties.

You have heard it before, I am The Great Procrastinator  but I did not wait all that long before firing the Glock 21 I got earlier this month. In other words, I finally got around to shooting it for the first time today. Darn it though, I forgot to buy extra mags for it and remembered that only today when loading mags at home prior to getting to the range. Anyway, I ordered two extra mags for it today from Had a good experience with them for some mags I purchased for my Glock 30 couple or so months ago. They had a decent price and shipping was pretty decent to. Wish I could have afforded at least two more but they will be bought sooner or later - especially now that I know the G21 is a shooter and thus a keeper.

As for my range trip, I only shot at the 7, 5 and 3 yard lines but that was enough to convince me that this Glock 21 is inherently more accurate than many folks skill levels, including my own, would be when shooting with it. Besides its accuracy, I basically wanted to see if it functioned properly and it fed, fired, extracted and ejected without a hitch. Granted, I only fired about 150 rounds through it but that was enough for today and sufficient to convince me it's a keeper. The elderly gentleman (yes even elderly compared to me and I am ancient) who sold it to me told me he had fired only 50 rounds through it and I believe him. Besides being very clean when I bought it from him, it had some of the copper colored lube on the slide that Glock pistols come with from the factory; then today, there was the fact that it was very difficult to load that last tenth round (NY mag restriction is 10 rounds) into each of the two mags I have for it and that was when using the Glock loading tool. These two mags obviously have not been loaded many times before today. I am pretty sure though, they will be getting loaded with at least a bit more frequency now that I have reason to like my G21.

My targets at the above mentioned ranges are pictured below.


Sadly, I don't shoot as good as I once did but my shooting with the G21 was none too shabby.

I also shot the Glock 30 again today. Put about 100 rounds through it and shot much the same with it as I did on my last shoot. I like it a lot and it shoots just fine but I am still getting malfunctions whereby a round does not load properly (usually the last round or next to last one) and had an instance today of the slide locking open with a round still in the mag. The mag was not partially fed, so the slide did not get stuck on the cartridge. Thus, I have no clue how or why the slide locked open. I have to look the gun over once again and also need to mark the mags and pay closer attention to determine if it is happening with one or more mags that may be faulty. The mags are my main culprits but of course, it could be shooter error too. Yet, since this did not happen with the G21 - I am guessing it is due to one or more of the mags. It's happening with much less frequency now but still two malfunctions out of around a hundred rounds fired are too many. and that requires more checking to see what is causing the problem.

All in all though, I had a good time at the range and once again, I am a happy shootist!

All the best,
Glenn B

Young American On Memorial Day

Nope, he does not yet understand about Memorial Day, probably will not for at least a few to several years really understand, but he is learning. His dad had him out and about today carrying  our flag.

Of course, he was also having fun.

All the best,

Lest We Forget...

...take some time today to think about, to remember, to honor and memorialize America's fallen military personnel who fell in battle for our great nation. After all, the great nation of which I speak is our country and our country is made up of us - it is us and we are it - and without their sacrifice it would be a very different land in which we live.

Allow me to somberly wish you a Happy Memorial Day but give me a moment before you scold me to tell me today is not a day to be happy. Should you wish anyone a Happy Memorial Day today, be solemn in mood, as I am, when you do so. Bear in mind, as do I, that while today is a day to remember and honor those of our military who fell honorably in battle - it is also a day on which we can give them thanks and be truly but respectfully happy that we live in the greatest nation on earth because of them and their sacrifice. Never forget though that it is only through their sacrifice that we are what we are and live as we live today.

All the best,
Glenn B