Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Why Is Homophobia Almost Always Used... the reason that anyone would be against the gay and lesbian lifestyle, gay marriage and homosexuality in general? Here is a quote, attributed to a reported lesbian, from an article reporting on the failure of a Gay marriage Proposal at the ballot box in Maine (source):

"It hurts. It hurts personally," she said. "It's a personal rejection of us and
our relationship, and I don't understand what the fear is."

I have no fear of homosexuals or of homosexuality in general. Yet, if offered the opportunity I would vote against any legislation to legitimize homosexual relationships. I would also vote for legislation that would assure that homosexuals are not granted, or afforded protection of, rights based upon their sexual preferences especially regarding marriage but not limited to just marriage. Why would I do that if I am not afraid of homosexuals and homosexuality. I would do so because I believe that homosexuality is an aberration of the natural sexual drive between human beings. In other words I believe it to be something akin to a disease (either physical or mental or a combination). I also simply believe that in its essence homosexuality is wrong on a moral and ethical level. While you may disagree with my beliefs, while you may vehemently disagree with them, there is no reason at all to start saying it is a general fear of homosexuals and homosexuality that brings me (or others who feel likewise) to my conclusions.

I have worked with homosexuals who are both in and out of the closet. I have had several friends who were openly homosexuals and maybe one or two who tried to hide it. I am not nor ever was afraid of them based upon their homosexuality. They pose no threat to my manhood, no threat to my physical well being, and no threat to my mental health just because of the lifestyle they have chosen or have been geared toward taking because of genetics (I believe that for the great part the lifestyle is indeed chosen but there is some evidence to indicate genetic predisposition toward homosexuality). I tolerate them in my life because it seems inevitable that there will always be homosexuality. What I will not do is grant them special liberties above and beyond those of we other mere mortals who are heterosexual, nor will I cede to them rights and liberties that were obviously always meant to be between a man and woman such as marriage. I believe they should be treated equally under the law, but that does not mean a man can or should marry a man or likewise for a lesbian couple. What that means is that someone can marry another person of the opposite sex or choose not to marry regardless of their sexual orientation.

There is something that I do fear relative to homosexuality though it is not homosexuality in and of itself. Rather it is that the moral fiber that has bound our nation together is rotting and crumbling. This is evidenced not by tolerance of homosexuals, I think tolerance is fine, but by bending over backwards to appease them and to grant them liberties and rights based solely upon their sexual preferences. Take for example the decline of public decency laws in favor of freedom of expression. Nowhere in our Constitution does it say that the people are granted freedom of expression. Yet gays and lesbians and any other people are allowed to march in Gay Parades such as the Halloween Parade in New York City while at the same time exposing themselves (yes I mean exposing their sexual body parts). Furthermore gay and lesbian protesters, just a year or two ago, were seen to be beating one another with whips and other such devices on the public streets of San Fransicko Francisco. Why were they not arrested - was it solely because they were gay and lesbian. If I were to stand in front of a church in protest and whip a woman who was dressed as would be a sexual slave - I would be arrested and charged without delay for some crime, you can bet on that. Yet when gays and lesbians congregate at such protests, parades or at large group festivities, such is apparently tolerated because they are homosexuals and for no other reason that I can see. I believe that people really ought to start standing up for what is right and putting down what is wrong in this country, and folks stuff like that is just plain out wrong in my opinion.

Now, think about this for a moment: Someone is sure to call me homophobic for my having written this despite my claim that I do not in general fear homosexuals or homosexuality. Have you seen the irony that should be evident if someone says I am homophobic? If I am so gosh darned awfully afraid of them, then how on earth could I have voiced my opposition to them so openly. I don't fear them or their lifestyle - I just out and out think it is wrong. As for treating them equally under the law, sure I believe in that and I do it too. As a good citizen I have to, and as a federal agent I am required to do so. Heck I treat everyone equally - so no one gets special favors, consideration, or liberties from me, nor do I deny them what is justly due to them, when it comes to the law. None of that means I am, or need be, afraid to voice my opinion on it, or be afraid of anything in relation to homosexuality. Maybe someone else is unwilling to accept the truth - that others can be opposed to you or your lifestyle without being afraid of you simply because they believe you to be wrong. I suppose though that acceptance of such a premise would also mean that they who accept it would have to actually face the possibility that homosexuality could be wrong. I think that in general, homosexuals do not want to face that possibility so blaming others as being fearful of them is an easy way out.

If you don't like the way I think - tough noogies - I am entitled to my own opinion just as you are yours. Please though, don't say that myself or others are homophobic as a fact. The fact is we don't fear you but instead disagree with you and are not afraid to say so.

All the best,
Glenn B