Monday, August 5, 2019

Not On The Fence Anymore

Today, I took a leap off of the weather beaten & slippery top of the fence at Procrastinators' Ridge and once again plummeted into the dark (and some think evil) Void Of The Black Gun. I ordered a Stag Arms 15 ORC with Magpul furniture. The gun was a good deal, under $600 shipped from Cheaper Than Dirt (do not lambaste me for buying from them, the little gray cells forgot about their past practices but already got a wake up call by someone on a forum today after I bought it). I also ordered a set of  flip up from Midwest Industries at about 1/3 the price of the gun!

Now the wait not so much to receive the rifle but for me to take it to the range once I've picked it up from the local dealer to where it is shipping. Thanks to me ordering a combo ammo/magazine deal from Palmetto State Armory some weeks back, in anticipation of me buying an AR once out of NYistan, I've got the ammo and ten extra P-Mags besides the one it comes with the gun. It should be more than enough of what I'll need to make sure it is broken in right. Come to think of it, I'll need to bring along the Century Arms AK when I make the range trip for the AR; have not fired one shot through that one yet either.

Does this make me evil now that I own two black guns? Perish the thought but whatever I look like to some leftist fruitcake loons, I am going to have fun with it and keep it ready for whatever. Not a chance though of me walking into a church or school or library or department store or anywhere else and shooting anyone with one of them. Then again, if it was to defend those inside from a psycho-shooter, that could be another story. And with all due respect, that last was not to make light of the recent shootings. I truly hope, if I ever was in such a situation, I would do what I could to end the threat swiftly and save lives. My thoughts and prayers have gone out to all the victims of the recent shootings in the news.

All the best,
Glenn B