Thursday, August 15, 2019

Been Busy This Week...

...having medical tests done, moving my stuff out of storage in AR to my new apartment in Wake Village, TX yesterday, getting ready to sell some guns at an upcoming gun show (of course I may not sell a thing but one can hope), searching out the best deals on 5,56 NATO ammo, searching the Internet for a good mattress/bed deal (or maybe for now I'll just borrow my son's air mattress and wait until next week since Labor Day sales will be headed our way) and other such stuff. 

Looking forward to the gun show in Conway, AR this weekend. Then next week, I'll be relocating to TX from my temporary stay here in AR since early July. Yep, TX won out over TN but that may only be temporary; I still think the better deal on land and a house will be fond there.

Lest I forget to mention, I recently saw a public display of our president's name and thought: "What An Ass"!

All the best,
Glenn B