Sunday, October 5, 2014

Nice To Know They Are Still Looking...

...for Malaysia Airlines Flight 370. I certainly had not seen anything about it in what seemed too long a time but apparently they had spent the last four months mapping the ocean floor in the search area before resuming the search. The search is on once again and will last at least a year or until they find it, whichever comes sooner. See more here:

It really is a relief that they have not forgotten all the poor souls who lost their lives on that flight and that authorities seem determined to get to the bottom of this mystery.

All the best,
Glenn B

Maybe Someone Else Has Asked But...

...I have not heard or seen it in print as of yet. I have heard though that Thomas Duncan is in critical condition receiving critical care (source) because he has Ebola. So if no one else has yet asked, then let me be the first to ask: WHO IN HELL IS GOING TO PAY FOR THE THOMAS DUNCAN'S MEDICAL CARE RELATIVE TO TREATMENTS HE IS GETTING FOR HAVING EBOLA? I have not heard one peep out of anyone about it but I want to know:

Does he have health insurance?

Is he rich enough to pay if he does not have insurance?

Is the hospital and all the medical staff attending to him doing it all gratis?

Is it mandatory for him to enroll in a health insurance program under Obamacare?

Now, I am not saying not to treat him. I think it all well and fine that he is being treated, but I sure as hell want to know if I am going to have to foot the bill (I being in the collective as in I one of millions of U.S. Taxpayers). If we are expected to pay even one red cent toward his health care out of our tax dollars, then I believe our government should immediately begin a tort claim against the government of Liberia for letting this shitbag out of their country; then we can sue the airlines too. If anyone else gets it, especially anyone who could only have contracted it after his first visit to the ER, then we should also sue that hospital for any expense the taxpayer is expected to pay for any such additional patient(s). Remember the hospital released him an he had Ebola. Of course, the government should sue him too. He is allegedly the scumbag who lied on his travel document to be able to get out of Liberia after having close contact with another Ebola infected person.

People may think - oh how callous - it is not the time to think of money. The truth is that it is past the time to think of it. We give and give and give and give and if we give it to this guy for free, how many more will try to come here to get treatment for free. It is part of our history all this giving but it is good only up to the point that we are not stealing from Joe to pay Thomas (screw Peter & Paul, I am sick of them too). We have to start making people become responsible for themselves instead of continuing to be a welfare state otherwise our economy will suffer badly - just like it is doing already  but just a little bit worse with the addition of each new leech attached to the capillaries of the system and sucking it dry.

All the best,
Glenn B