Thursday, December 20, 2012

On The Eve of TEOTWAWKI - Farewell and Thanks For All The Bullets

Just a quick post to say thanks to all of my readers and to say that is was nice to virtually have met many of you in the Blogosphere and to have met a few of you in person in the real world too. I am telling you this now because this may be my last blog post ever. No, it has nothing to do with my health (not as of today anyway) nor to do with family or work or with the political atmosphere in the firearms world. I just figure that in case the nuts who say the world is going to end tomorrow are not all that nutty after all, then it would be good to say goodbye in advance.

I am hopeful that the world will not be ending but as you may know, I am ready for a lot of bad situations including: the Apocalypse, a zombie horde, a small meteorite striking nearby, other natural disasters, nuclear winter, global warming, a food shortage, economic collapse, civil unrest, a military takeover, and a bullet shortage. Hopefully nothing will happen tomorrow to make me use up any of my ammo but if it does come down to it, I am ready for that too.

Oh the anxiety and anticipation of what tomorrow may bring. Personally, I don't have any angst about December 21st; I think it is going to bring some crappy weather and not much else. In case I am wrong and the nut jobs are right about tomorrow (and thus not really nut jobs) then I just wanted to say, Farewell and thanks for all the bullets. Had you bought them all, there would have been none left for me!

All the best,
Glenn B

Russia and Global Warming

Temperatures in Siberia have been at minus 20 degree Fahrenheit with the wind chill making it feel like 50 below. Add to that a couple of feet of snow and that is one hell of a winter so far. To date, the cold spell, across much of Russia has claimed 45 lives and put 270 people into the hospital, more than half of them suffering from frostbite. See:

I am sort of surprised that he headline did not read: Flash - Global Warming Kills 45 In Russia. Well, I am sure that is how Al Gore would put it anyhow.

All the best,
Glenn B

ATF Liaison To BOP May Spend A Lot More Time With BOP Than Expected

The ATF Liaison to the federal Bureau of Prisons, George Gillet, a former ATF Assistant Special in Charge, may spend more time with BOP than he ever expected. If the claims in the linked article are true, this is absolutely amazing. Not only did his pistol reportedly wind up at a murder site in Mexico, but he allegedly 
gave bad addresses on the required ATF firearms forms (which is a felony if he in fact lied on those forms) when purchasing two guns for himself.

"Gillett purchased the weapon at Legendary Arms, a Phoenix gun store. On the federal form 4473 used to buy the gun, Gillett used the ATF office address, 201 East Washington, and said "Apt 940." On subsequent purchase, Gillett used a commercial address, that of a strip mall."

Is this really the quality of what we have, at the top, in federal law enforcement today! At least he has not yet been charged with exposing himself to little girls, I guess that is pretty much restricted to ICE officials.

By the way, look at the type of firearm it was that they reportedly found in Mexico at the murder scene. It was an FN Five-Seven, a pistol that law enforcement tried to have banned in this country and it seems that a high ranking ATF official bought himself one. I think this just another reason for We The People to be armed folks; to me it look as if way too many of these guys are not working as our servants but at trying to become our masters by any means whatsoever.


Stuff like this makes me almost ashamed to admit to folks that I had a 32 year federal LE career but then, I never did anything that could have wound up with my arse getting thrown into jail.

All the best,
Glenn B