Friday, April 19, 2019

I Guess It Is A Seller's Market

Well, the first offer we got on our house was 30K short of our asking price. Then, I am guessing on Wednesday, our realtor asked the folks, who made that offer, to give their best offer. They offered 10 grand more than our asking price a 40K increase in what they had offered at first. I guess it pays to keep your house in good repair!

To say that offer was excellent and made me & my soon to be separated wife happy would be a gross understatement. An inspector was there yesterday and my wife said he seemed happy with what he saw and made a comment that the house was a well built one. I know, his report to the buyers is what is important but since we had our own inspector do an inspection prior to putting the house up for sale and since he gave us excellent comments, I am fairly confident the buyers' inspector will find little wrong with the house.

Right now, I am down in AR on my first moving trip. I cannot wait to get back and to help keep the ball rolling on the sale of the house. Keeping my fingers crossed that the sale goes smoothly.

All the best,
Glenn B