Monday, June 18, 2007

A Stupid Prank...

...but a prank nonetheless,,2933,283792,00.html

So I believe the resulting felony charges are really ridiculous in light of what I know about this one so far. We have 150 alarm clocks planted all around the school, and apparently the clocks involved were wrapped with duct tape so that teachers could not easily turn them off when the alarms went off. They were all set to go off at the same time to signify the end of school. Great prank as pranks go, maybe for 10 or 15 years ago or more, but not a bright prank to have pulled off after 9/11. Still, there does not seem to have been a threat actually made or implied. There seems to have been an over reaction to a prank, and then an over reaction to that over reaction ended up in felony charges. Are we all supposed to be good little boys and girls in our youths with our thumbs stuck in the dike, or can we have some fun now and then while others get hosed? Granted maybe someone of these kids should have thought, 'hey maybe someone else will think these are bombs', but maybe an adult should have also thought 'this was just a stupid prank pulled off by teens, and the kids need a good talking to'! Felony charges indeed. Don't law enforcement officers have better things to do to occupy their time and spend our tax dollars?

All the best,
Glenn B