Monday, March 22, 2010

Watch And Listen - We Are Becoming Socialists

Vote in November, vote to defeat socialism in the U.S.A.!

Watch this brief video. Listen to it. Remember what Obama has been all about but the left has denied all along and that is about SOCIALISM.

Remember what Congresswoman Waters said about Socializing Oil Companies - she said it then tried to flub it over.

Then watch this video again and again and again and realize this is the truth finally out in the open from someone I believe to be a die hard supporter of most things un-American!

Don't forget this - remember it in November and vote based upon this and the actions of the current administration.

Vote in November, vote to defeat socialism in the U.S.A.!

She Got It Right... know, that woman - Peggy Joseph - who said something along the lines that if the messiah Obama got elected as president she would not have to worry about putting gas in her car or worry about paying her mortgage because if she voted for the messiah Obama, he would help her. I imagine health care reform, to benefit bums who refuse to work yet want to suck the life out of the rest of us who do work, is just another aspect of that which she spoke about. I hope her children grow up to learn just how wrong she was in that they will have to pay for this folly but chances are they will expect handouts from the rest of us just as did their mom.

And to think, I was in church praying for, among other things, this not to be passed. Yeah - me - I went to an 8PM Compline in a local cathedral and actually prayed and meditated. Go figure. I may continue praying because this development scares me. Why? Because if they passed this by 7 votes, imagine what they will do on so called Immigration Reform, or on Gun Control, or on government control of the Internet, or on Welfare Reform, or on Increasing Taxes and on and on and on.

All the best (but I don't really expect it under this administration),
Glenn B