Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Cutting Corporate and Personal Income Taxes

So President Trump is talking about tax reform and so is Congress (more here). Well, I have some advice for President Donald Trump and the Republicans in Congress:

Shit or get off the pot already.

It is about time you stop talking and start cutting taxes. Get it done now, do not delay. Giving big business tax cuts can only help our economy. But - why the fuck do you want to cut taxes on repatriated big business profits! Keep those taxes high to encourage business being done here in the US of A.

All the best
Glenn B

Wednesday Already!

Holy shit, it's Hump Day already. I have been busy this week, last two days and today getting ready for my road trip that will start either tomorrow or Friday. As each minute passes though, it seems like I will hit the road on Friday and not tomorrow. I satill need to have an oil change and I am thinking that is not getting done until tomorrow morning or afternoon.

When I do finally hit the road, I'll be heading down to West Palm Beach in FL to visit my uncle and some others and then onto Benton, AR to visit my son. Cannot wait to see my son! Of course he will be happy to see me too, especially since I will bring him a decent quantity of ammo that he left behind and some I am gifting him. I am thinking we will have a good time both shooting, fishing, hiking, eating and whatever else we get to do. Of course there may be a little drinking in our free time. 

All the best,
Glenn B