Saturday, December 3, 2011

My Heart Is Heavy As Cain Quits The Campaign

This was the man I was sure could do it. He had a platform that looked to me to be the best or close to the best of all the candidates. I was fairly sure that the sexual allegations against him were bogus. He still claims there were just that but he put an end to his campaign because of the heat he and his family were suffering. If he did not commit those things of which he was accused he should have stood his ground. If he did do one of them or more of them, he should have said the same thing I thought William Clinton should have said: "America, you caught me with my pants down" and left it at that then continued on. Clinton should have been thrown out of office for lying to Congress under oath. Cain, well if he did those things and lied o cover up, he would have faced the consequences of dropping like a rock in the polls. If he did not do them, then dropped out, well I am thinking I would not want him as my president after all if he crumbled that easily under pressure from his adversaries.

I am saddened though, I thought we had a winner in him. Unless he does something wonderful I doubt he could make a comeback if he wanted to. It's over, he is washed up on the rocky shore like so many others before him who for one reason or another just could not make it to safe harbor. He was unable to reach friendly shores to ready himself for battle against the real enemy who in this case is President Obama. What a shame.

I can only hope and pray that less than conservative Repooblikans do not now turn even more toward that douche bag from MA, Romney. I think he is about as liberal as Kerry and I think as conservative as whom I believe to be a RINO, that Democrat in Republican's clothing, none other than John McCain. I would rather vote for Ron Paul than for Romney, maybe even that socialist commie Huntsman as I see him. I guess now, my vote in the primary will have to go for Newt Gingrich. Yes, I know his stance on illegal aliens sucks but sometimes you have to bend a little. Of course, if I thought he had even a small chance at winning, I would vote for Santorum, likewise for Bachman.

We still have time until this plays out, one can hope that Bachman or Santorum will rise to the top.

All the best,
Glenn B