Monday, March 12, 2007

Bizarre Foods...

...with Andrew Zimmer is fast becoming one of my favorite television shows. Not only that but it is kind of stirring up that long dormant but still smoldering desire within my soul to start cooking again. I used to love to cook and bake, but I never loved cleaning up the mess, and neither did my wife if only because I made such a mess! Nowadays I am better at cleaning up the mess after the wife cooks - well not all the time but I am definitely better at it. If I could only combine my delight at cooking, with my willingness to clean up the mess, it would definitely benefit my love to eat that which I cook.

Now I did start this off taking about Andrew Zinner and Bizarre Foods, so maybe I ought to give them some time here too. The show is on Monday nights at 9:00 PM eastern time in the USA. It centers around Andrew's love to eat almost anything, and his world travels to accomplish just that. He goes to some fairly far away places, and then takes delight in the local cusines. In tonight's show, he visited Peru where he ate everything from Lemon Ants, to Pirahna, to Coconut Grubs and finally roasted Guinea Pig. In another show he ate roasted bats, and in another a lamb's eye. Of course, he eats things not all that bizarre too, like suckling pig, broiled fish, and on and on. If you have not already noticed, he likes the meaty parts of the meals best, although he does eat a bit of everything. It is an amusing show to say the least, and one that whets the appetite for guys like me who love to travel and try some new foods while getting around.

Nice show, I highly recommend it. Now where is my cook book, I need to see if it has a recipe for calves' brains, or Pig's feet, then maybe a trip to the German butcher again this weekend, and who knows what might wind up on the table for Sunday dinner...

All the best,
Glenn B