Saturday, May 4, 2013

A Thought On Burying The Remains Tamerlan Tsarnaev in Boston

I think that what is left of Tamerlan Tsarnaev should be buried in Boston, in a cemetery open to the public, in a location made known to the public. I strongly encourage Bostonians to strive for his remains to be buried in that manner in Boston. That way, the people of Boston can visit his grave to piss on the headstone and pour pigs' blood on the ground under which he lies, on a daily basis, for eternity.

All the best,
Glenn B

So What Are The Chances Me Or One of My Classmates Will Be Arrested Tomorrow...

... or at least searched and detained for questioning, as we head toward the Mitchell Athletic Complex to go to the Nassau County Rifle & Pistol Range (which is immediately adjacent or maybe even in that complex) with pistols, shotguns, rifles and ammo, to attend the last day of our armed security guard training? Normally, I would not even think about such a possibility. Tomorrow though will be a different kind of day with the Long Island Marathon being run, parking for it in all the lots around the range (and probably some arsehats parking in the range's spots) and the starting point for the Marathon being very close to the range. Security is going to be "heightened" and you can bet it probably will be extreme in the wake of the Boston Marathon bombings. According to one news report I read:

“You can expect to be challenged,” Nassau County Executive Edward Mangano said. “If you’re going into any of the designated areas there’s a security check point before you go in, every bag will be searched.” (source)

I can't wait. The only good thing we have going for us is that the class was supposed to begin at 0800 but has been pushed back to 1100 because of the race and all of the security. Somehow though, I get the feeling there will still be a good amount of security in that area, at that time, because a lot of the runners' cars will be parked close by since the range is so close to the starting line.

I guess that tomorrow, before leaving the house, I had best make sure none of my pistol magazines are accidentally loaded with more than seven rounds, that I have my wallet and that it contains my pistol license, that I leave my AK-47 at home and all that kind of hooey because I sure don't want to be given the treatment by some overzealous officer who thinks he has stumbled on NY's version of MA's TERRORISTA#1 if they search my car and find a few pistols and a shotgun in it. Of course, I will also bring along my good manners so, that if stopped, I would only speak to the officers with what could be seen as courtesy and respect and I would hope they would do likewise to me.

I am hoping for a good day at the range and nothing more. Keep your fingers crossed for me.

All the best,
Glenn B

Firearms Qualifications Today

Well, as I expected, I passed the qualification course of fire for the armed guard training I have been taking. I was allowed to shoot one gun twice for score or to shoot two guns and get scored for each of them. I opted to shoot the Glock 26 first. I scored a 96 out of 100%. I was not overly happy with how I shot the Glock, I should have achieved a perfect score but didn't. I dropped two shots, one going low to the left on which I fired to soon after a reload. I fired as I was punching the gun out before aligning my sights and it was akin to anticipating recoil. The other was outside the scored area and was shot at 25 yards. Looks like I jerked the trigger or had too much finger on it. There are no excuses for either of those shots.

I shot the next qual course with one of my Beretta 92FS pistols. I scored 100% on that one with a pretty good group too - all center of mass in the torso (except for the head shots that were right where they were meant to be, center of mass in the head). That one I was happy about. I'll just have to keep practicing what I preach with the Glock until all the shots are in there for a perfect score.

We spent all of our training time firing on the range today, so - it was a fun day. Beside the qualification courses of fire, we also practiced malfunction drills, multiple target acquisition and shooting, and also shooting while moving. It was the bare bones basics for each but I had a great time. I virtually always have fun when shooting at the range.

Tomorrow we will be shooting rifle and shotgun. Shooters were told to bring in their personally owned 12 gauge pump action shotguns and patrol type rifles (like an AR-15) although that is optional because the instructor has some we can shoot. I will probably bring in my Remington 870 (if I can find it) but that will likely need at least a light application of oil or maybe even require a good cleaning, tonight. I am going to be cleaning the Glock 26 and the Beretta 92FS and am thinking since I have to clean them, I may as well clean the shotgun too (remembering that a clean gun is a happy gun).

I am looking forward to another day of firearms training. Once that is out of the way, as I understand, I will receive a certification that I have taken and passed the course. About a week after I get the certification, I will have to send in my applications, along with the original of my unarmed guard license. (How ridiculous can  they get because if it gets lost in the mail I will have to apply for another and was told it takes 6 months to be reissued if lost!) Then, within whatever is the normal time frame, I should receive my armed guard license in the mail and I will be able apply for and hopefully get work as an armed guard for much better pay than I make right now. I suppose time will tell if that works out.

All the best,
Glenn B