Saturday, August 16, 2014

The BBQ Beer Run

As thought, I wound up going for some beer and picked up a 36 can case of Budwiper (not lite), a 6 pack of McKenzie's Green Apple Hard Cider (for me and my son), a 12 pack of Mango-Rita (a fairly good Bud product if you like mixed drinks), a 25 pound bag of ice, an eight pound bag of ice for reserves and two McKenzie's Cider pint sized glasses (though they look a bit shy, maybe 14 oz.). Along with the case and a three quarters of ales I have on hand (which is a 6 pack more than I had thought earlier) , the bottle of fruity alcoholic beverage from St. marten, a bottle of Fireball Cinnamon Whiskey (that I sort of stumbled across in my memory when I recalled my son has one hidden in the garage), and about 3/4 of a two litter bottle of vodka and whatever anyone else may bring - one has to have hope - we should be set for a nice friendly and neighborly party. The grill has been cleaned by yours truly and I think my duties for the day, short of grilling some dogs and toasting some buns, have been completed. It's time to go put away my side-arm and just wait for the partiers to show up - just maybe while sipping one or two of those McKenzie's Green Apple Hard Ciders. Are what timing, the dogs are barking at the side gate, apparently someone arriveth or maybe noteth but its time to hiteth the cooler!

All the best,
Glenn B

The Big BBQ Blast

It's a madhouse and that would be our house as we prepare for the big BBQ of the year. We are sure not big partyers, don't hold many big dinners or BBQs but today we are having about 15 folks (including us) for a BBQ. Thank the heavens that number includes us. We have a smallish house with a postage stamp sized backyard, and a small patio on the side of the hosue, so it is already tight with just a few more people than us. With 15 it is going to be very close around the patio table and two folding tables. Of course, we will make it through okay.

The highlight of the day should be that my son is smoking some ribs and all I have to cook are the hot dogs (and if I am being nice I will toast the buns too). Then, there is the beer, of which I only have a case and a half but since all or almost all the women will be drinking wine, I may be good there - especially if I stick to vodka. You know me and thus already knew, without me saying, that I will be going to the liquor store and the beer distributor for more regardless. There is also the bottle of some kind of weird fruity liquor that my son-in-law and daughter brought back from their vacation down in St. Marten but maybe I will save that until later, until my son-in-law gets here from work.

Right now though, I am pretty much taking it easy. Cleaned up the armory man-cave over the past few days and must admit it looks a lot better than it did before. It's not Felix Unger clean, not by a long shot, but at least now there is not any stink of lizard or tortoise crap from inside any of the critter tanks (not that I allow it to build up, I remove it regularly, but I usually only thoroughly clean each tank weekly and it can stink by cleaning time), no dust bunnies the size of cantaloupes (is that how you spell it!) under the futon, no 1/8" thick coat of dust on my trophies or atop the picture frames, no soot on the shitter walls (from burning candle after candle after each use of the throne), nothing staining or stuck to the toilet, no pile of dirty laundry on the washing machine (well only a small one next to it), no rifles to trip over anywhere, no spare ammo rolling around here or there, no full ammo cans half sticking out and just begging your toe to stub itself, no 3/4 empty beers bottles, in fact all the empties have been rinsed out so none of that early morning bar room odor either, no half eaten whatever that I forgot to finish but was smart enough to put up to high for the dogs and barely a dog hair in sight (the vacuum cleaner sure worked over time and if it could drink, I'd give it a few beers). I guess that I'll have to have a few in its place. 

In fact there is an orangey aroma in the basement. That's because the woodwork gleams, I used enough Orange Glo on it to clean and polish it to last months. The glass over the framed pictures sparkles. Each critter tank likewise, I may need to buy more Windex, I sued that much of it. The carpet looks cleaner than it has in a month even though I have been vacuuming it about weekly but I guess the cleaner look is due to the fact that I went over it more than once. There is a roll of paper towels by the basement sink. There is a new roll of TP in the throne room. If you were so inclined you could eat off of the porcelain, it is that clean. There are still some little things, here and there, that are out of place but that gives it the lived in look but it is better than just pretty clean and pretty straightened up. Even the extra blankets are folded and the pillow stacked neatly under the blankets on the roll-away bed. Yep, it is about as clean down here as a French whorehouse late on a Sunday afternoon after its weekly clean-up. Don't ask how I know how clean that would be. Anyway, you get the picture without me saying how I know.

Now if the rain holds off, and my temper remains tempered, it might be perfect. Already had a bit of a spiff with she who must be obeyed she who must be adored. It was nothing and was over almost as soon as it started and things are being arranged nicely outside right now. Yes, because I am in here typing to my heart's content. Now, I did help, don't think because I am blogging right now that I have not been helping. I cleaned the basement, I brought up a spare table and some of the folding chairs and cleaned them off first after too long in the basement nook in which the get hidden away. I did the shopping for the hickory and pecan wood for smoking the ribs and the lighter fluid to ignite them. I shopped for the ribs, BBQ sauce (we get a great one at Costco but darned if I can recall the name) and most everything else we need for the BBQ. Yes some things, like the beer, may not be enough and I may have to yet do more sopping. So right now, I have some free time while the wife putters about. Later, I will be busy again going to get ice (good time to get beer and booze too, or so I would think), setting up the coolers, grilling the dogs, toasting the buns, making small talk with the guests and getting sloshed (I don't have to drive). Then again neither do almost any of our guests. I will keep an eye on the two couples who do have to drive and call a cab if they need it. I am pretty sure that the two couples driving to our place will each have one of their pair as a designated driver; but if not, there is always the cab company.

Right now, I should stop ranting and get some breakfast inside of me, then head off to pick up another case of beer - maybe something like Bud Light or whatever diluted swill people drink nowadays that they think passes for beer. I know my son will sometimes drink that stuff but not me. I may even get some good stuff, Spaten sounds nice for a beautiful summer's day. I'll see what they have and ten pick something good.

Oh well, I am off.

Later 4 U,
Glenn B