Monday, October 22, 2012

Are You Watching The Presidential Debate?

I am not watching it. I had better things to do than watch one guy for whom I am sure to vote and another for whom I would not vote if he was holding a gun to my head. It is not that I am not interested in politics - really, I think you all know I am a voter, and actively comment on politics frequently. It is just that I had my Glock 26 on the coffee table and was afraid if I saw that useless lying (not that I abhor liars, I have told my share of lies, I just cannot stand incessant liars) piece of peckerwood, I might shoot my television in a fit of Americanism. (No that was not a direct, nor even an indirect or veiled, threat against the president. It was just a threat against my TV should I watch the debate and hear him spewing lie after lie after lie and decide I can listen no more).

Instead of watching the debate, I have been smoking a pork tenderloin - actually 4 of them - on my BBQ grill. I have been at that for about 4 hours now, maybe another 1/2 hour or hour to go. In that time, I also had a salad. Merely some very plain green leaf lettuce, some grated Locatelli Romano cheese and Paul Newman's olive oil and vinegar dressing. I don't often use bottled stuff but had this on hand and since I had already had a cup of wine in me, and was on a second, I decided that I might not get the mixture quite right should I stir up my own. Funny though, imbibing the spirits did not deter me from smoking the pork. In fact, it inspired me to grill a can of spam (yes without the can and sliced into 6 or so pieces). Well, I guess the wne isnpired me some but so too did the aroma of the smoking pork. I think the wine just had me settle for Spam. I also toasted a sesame seed roll on the grill. Then I smooshed the spam in the left over salad dressing, sopped up whatever was left with the toasted roll, and wolfed it all down while on the 2nd and 3rd cups of wine.

The pork tenderloin is still out there smoking. I took it off the grill a little while ago and had a piece and realized it was not yet done quite enough. That was maybe 10 minutes ago. Back into the grill it went and I added more wet wood to the smoker box. I had been using Hickory but ran out; now I am about to begin using Cherry wood (it is soaking right now as the last of the hickory is going up in smoke).

A brief digression - but related : Next time I see a tree cut down and in pieces somewhere,  I am going to see if I can lift a good sized hunk of it into the tree trunk of my car. I cannot see paying $4.98 for small bag of wood chips when I can get wood for free. One piece of a tree trunk could last me at least a  season or maybe even a couple of years for smoking purposes.

It is past time to refill my cup with the last of that bottle of wine; I cannot remember the last time I drank a whole bottle of wine. It is Louis Jadot, Beaujolais-Villages, 2010 - one of the few products of France that I enjoy. Cheap stuff, table wine, but excellent as far as I am concerned. Probably what the people of France were drinking the night the revolution commenced. It is much better than most fairly expensive varieties of wine that I have ever tasted . Expensive wine is relative to one's income I suppose. For me, really expensive wine, that I would ever pay for, would be in the $75 to $125 per bottle range and this stuff was only $7.99 a bottle. I highly recommend it if  you like red wine.

More importantly, it is time to go and check the pork tenderloins again. I would hate to ruin them at this point, especially since I am looking forward to devouring half of one for breakfast tomorrow morning - probably one of the two really spicy ones I made with a dry rub of my own spur of the moment concoction and with a little BBQ sauce added the last time I checked them. The other two are virtually spiceless, a good amount of salt and that was it, that is until I rubbed the almost negligible leavings of the BBQ sauce from the brush onto them after I had slathered the other two pieces with some sauce. 

Gotta run.

All the best,
Glenn B

I Would Hvae Expected A Bigger Crowd... attend a speech by Sandra Fluke than the ten (10) people who showed up to listen to her in northern Nevada. Why? Because I would guess that there would have been a number of men hoping they could score with her but certainly not to actually listen to anything she had to say in her speech. As you may recall, she was the bimbo woman who supported handing out free contraceptive means under the Obamacare act. If you used her figures for the cost of one woman, in one year, needing so much money for contraception and then figured out how many condoms that money would buy, well let me just say the term that Rush Limbaugh used for her comes to my mind as maybe having nailed her it perfectly.

Regardless of only ten folks coming to see  her and listen to her, a Reno newspaper reportedly dedicated a 500 or so word article to her speech. (I actually think the article was more about Romney in a round about way.)


All the best,
Glenn B