Thursday, May 21, 2015

Just Cracked Open My Second Bottle Of...

...Long Trail Ale of the night. I decided to try this stuff because I enjoyed another brew made by the same company, not all that long ago, while in NH. It was a Long Trail IPA Limbo and that was a darned tasty beverage.

As for my current selection, I won't BS you with saying it tastes something like apple smoked squirrel nuts, or effervescent holy horse shit hops with a hint of oak and vanilla, because to me it merely tastes like a darned good ale. It's only 5% alcohol by volume but that beats a Budwiper or a Spoors any day and is a good choice for a work-week-night.

It's brewed by Long Trail Brewing Co. and is labeled as an "Original Vermont Amber Ale". If you like an ale with a distinct but not too strong flavor of hops, try one, I think you will enjoy it. I know one thing about it for sure, I surely am enjoying it.

All the best,
Glenn B