Thursday, November 23, 2017

A Special Thanksgiving Wish To Three Very Special Someones

Right after eating Thanksgiving dinner, I cut up the remaining carcass of the turkey for fixings for the dogs, then hit the sink and just a minute or three ago I finished the dinner dishes, utensils, glasses, pots and pans and such. We were done eating probably at least 45 minutes or more ago.

Dinner was excellent for all here; yet, it was a bit melancholy, at least for me. The thing that put me in that frame of mind was someone very special to me missing from the table this year - missing for the first Thanksgiving Dinner ever, in fact. So I want to send out a very special Thanksgiving Day wish to the one who was not here for his first Thanksgiving away from home, our son Brendan who is now living in AR. I also want to send a very special Thanksgiving Day wish to Brendan's two onkels, my brothers-in-law,  who drove down there to celebrate Thanksgiving with him. Here is hoping that the three of you have an extremely 
nice Thanksgiving day dinner together and that your Thanksgiving will wind up as having been a truly memorable and enjoyable one.

We miss you my boy!


A Thanksgiving Wish

I send out to all - U.S. citizens; legal immigrant aliens to the U.S.; legal non-immigrants within the U.S.; those who work hard for a living and pay their taxes; those who are retired from years of working hard; those who are on public assistance and truly need it to survive because for some valid reason you cannot work; those who work hard but do not make enough and honestly need public assistance such as food stamps; the old, the middle aged & young; both the healthy & infirm; those of every race & creed & even atheists as nonbelief is a creed of sorts; those of every natural 
gender (male, female or hermaphrodite); those who know both who & what they are; those who accept themselves for what they are while living life to the best of their ability and striving to really better themselves; the truly tolerant (not those who necessarily find everything to be 100% acceptable but who put up with (as in tolerate) those who are diverse including those to the extreme even while vehemently disagreeing with them; all Americans who strive for unity within our great nation regardless of the diversity of our people; those who admit this is most likely the freest and greatest country on the planet; they who respect our values and strive to become and or remain good hardworking and loyal American citizens - a wish for a very Happy Thanksgiving and a reminder to be very thankful for the good things we have. 

Happy Thanksgiving,
Glenn B