Tuesday, February 13, 2007

A Good Man Steps Forward...

...directly into the lurch, and puts his life at risk; and some would have you believe he had no right to do so. Some would tell you that his doing so jeopardized the many things that he could have done for his loved ones, over the remaining years of his life, and that therefore he had no right to do so. I think that is ludicrous, that is the talk of a coward, and of a selfish person, one who puts himself, and his family above all else, or rather who makes excuses for why he chooses to remain secure while bragging as to what a tough guy is he. I also believe it is not the talk of a patriot, nor the talk of a courageous or brave person, nor of someone who realizes there are things possibly more important than just his security, things for which it actually worth taking a real risk that has little to do with yourself, that are actually worth more than his own life in this world. These are things for which you may have to sacrifice a luxury for your family in as much as your family getting to have you around until your old age.

Some people just don't want to believe there are such things worthy of their risking it all, but there are others who know that such risks are sometimes necessary to safeguard our way of life, our morality, our laws, our well being. It is because some people act like that, unselfishly, that others are later inspired to do so. It is the spirit of courage, honor, integrity, loyalty and fraternity. Still though some insist that such risky actions are not worth taking, I think they who believe that are lowlives.

Luckily though, there are some who think otherwise about risking their own security for the just cause, some like Police Officer Ken Hammond from Ogden, Utah. He realized that sometimes it is acceptable, maybe even necessary, to put yourself in jeopardy, not to act suicidal, but to do the right thing, to try help protect others who are in danger and who don't stand much of a chance without some help. He decided to do the right thing. The right thing for him was to confront the 18 year old shotgun wielding man who allegedly shot and killed 5 people in a mall in Salt Lake City yesterday. If you have not read about it, see this article :
Off-Duty Cop Helped End Utah Mall Rage at FoxNews.com.

Now while it is not known whether or not it was a shot fired by officer Hammond that brought down the alleged raging shotgun shooter, it is readily accepted that his actions were responsible for diverting the suspects attention away from shooting any other innocent bystanders, that is since the bad guy was now confronted by a man with a plan, a set of brass balls, and with a gun. Had some of the other local citizens been allowed to pack heat, maybe they would have joined the officer and brought down the perp sooner. As it turned out, other officers arrived on the scene, and the bad guy was eventually shot and killed. Chalk one up for the good guys; but too bad that the evil doer already had chalked up 5 kills of his own with several others wounded. It really is a pity that the good guys can't carry firearms as is their right. Chances are this never would have gotten as far as it did.

By the way, note it took almost a whole day for the media to report on the suspect's name. Just about as long, I think to say he was from Bosnia. I wonder if they know something else about him they are not divulging, and that is a legitimate question not a supposition.

All the best,
Glenn B