Wednesday, June 7, 2023

So I Am Laying Here In A Hospital Bed...

 ...after surgery to essentially ream out my prostate gland and my urethra although the doc said he shaved them and called it Turp with a Loop. No cancer but it was almost 3X normal size and getting up to pee anywhere from 1 to 15 times a night was getting to be way too much with arthritis pain in many joints but mostly my right hip and right shoulder  and a totally dry mouth, a result of radiation treatments for throat cancer in 2011. I figure not having to get out of bed to pee so any times will help a lot with me getting better sleep. I can sleep through the pains by changing position or taking oxy and aspirin and I keep a bottle of water in the bed for small sips for the dry mouth.
Last night and tonight, I finished reading one of the best books I have ever read. Not a literary masterpiece in writing style but a damned excellent adventure story. The thing is, I had two or three other books by the same author and left them in a book share box outside my local dog park a month or two ago. Now I wish I had kept them until at least I had read them.
Somehow, I kept the one I just completed. I had read only 26 pages before I got to the hospital. Last night I read a few to several more pages but was so groggy from fentanyl, oxycodone and two other dopes, I think one was dilaudid and the other I have no clue. So, i had to quit at maybe page 35 at most as I kept nodding off. Today I finished it, a short book of I think 131 pages total.

As I said, it is definitely not a literary masterpiece but was a could not put down nonstop adventure, thrilling for a lot of it, and was about a man in the mid 1870s western US. The author was Louis Lamour and the title Sackett. I was an idiot to have gotten rid of those other novels of his!

Luckily - maybe - I think I know who has the other ones and I am going to ask him to give them back to me to read and if he still wants them I will return them to him. Time will tell.

While I am supposedly going to be discharged tomorrow, I have started passing more blood after some pain in my groin kicked in tonight despite taking a good deal of painkillers yesterday and  today. It is also the first time the surgery site has hurt. Am I really going home, well to my son's home, tomorrow? Again, time will tell. 
If I have to stay longer, I hope my son can bring me a spy novel by John LeCarre that I left at his place thinking that Sackett would take me longer to read. I read 10 to at most 30 pages of a book then put it down and read more a day or a few days to two weeks or maybe a month later. Sackett, I could not put down today until I had finished it. If you like westerns or adventure books, read it.

All the best, 
Glenn B