Thursday, April 30, 2020

Plotting A 'We Survived The Rona V Roadtrip'

Got a bug up mine arse this evening that gave me an itch to go on a road trip once all this Rona V shit has ended (or maybe before if they don't reopen America). Called the male heir and asked when is his vacation and what are his plans. He has two weeks coming, one already set for a NY trip around Christmas. The other week is free - well was free. I suggested a road trip to him in the car his mom recently gave him. A Volvo C30 or C5 or C189 (whatever, I have no clue but I know it has a C in the name). I also know, it definitely does have a turbo charged engine. 

I think it'd be nice to drive that like a madman and I am sure so does my boy. So, it looks like Brendan and I (and probably Skye the mongrel) will be hitting the road but when is undecided. I am hoping for a week or two before the 4th. The direction will be north by northwest (excellent direction and even better movie) from Benton, AR. First destination  - wherever we get before we are both too tired to drive. Next stop (or maybe the first one) probably Mt. Rushmore National Monument (my choice and where in Hades else would you expect us to go with us heading North By Northwest), then onto Deadwood, SD (where Wild Bill was gunned down - Brendan's choice). That is so close to Sturgis, SD - I guess we will have to drive through and stop there at least for a brewski. 

After that, off to Shell Creek Campsite in Wyoming (a place three of my friends and I stopped on an epic road trip we made eons ago and where I caught a nice trout and took the coldest bath of my life in a snow melt stream and bled from my ears driving down to the town of Shell). Then - if we still have the time - off to see Yellowstone and or the Grand Tetons - just a quick view of what I missed the first time in the area and of something Brendan has never been near before. After that, it'll be us heading back to his place. 

A week just does not seem long enough - but maybe I can talk his boss into giving him three extra days or so, of unpaid time off, for this trip. Hell, I'll make up any lost pay for him if need be because dream trips like this don't come often. I should mention, if for some reason we wind up taking my car, I may drop him off in Denver for a flight home and then head on down the road somewhere further on from there with the pooch. I don't have a job I need to go back to - damn, retirement might be nicer than I had thought.

All the best,
Glenn B