Monday, November 25, 2013

It Is The Era of the White Man - 100 Amazing Facts...

I am willing to bet my life savings, that if I actually wrote a piece about how it is currently the era of the white man, and in that piece called African Americans Negroes, I would be branded as a racist by a great many people. Yet, it is apparently quite fine for a black man to write a piece called: It Is The Era Of The Black Woman 100 Amazing Facts About the Negro: When did the golden age of black female achievement begin? and to call African Americans Negroes in his piece. Then again, it is apparently okay for African Americans to call each other "my nigga" and "nigger" but not okay for me because I am Western European American, aka: Caucasian or white. Yet, I have heard it said hundreds, if not thousands, of times by one black person addressing another black person all with no racial insult ever being taken. Yet, it is racism and nothing more, nor less, to restrict the appropriateness of using those terms to one racial group and to lambaste another as racists if they too use it. Then again, the whole idea of glorifying the achievements of any person, based on their race, is racist. Thus I find the article linked to above as abhorrently racist.

All the best,
Glenn B