Sunday, September 27, 2020

Remington Furloughs 600

This past Thursday, Remington announced it is furloughing 600 employees at its Ilion, NY plant. I hope they can get out of their current financial quagmire but that seems all but impossible now. (Source.)

I've been a Remington fan for many, many years - since summer camp in the 60s when I first learned how to shoot on Winchester & Remington 22 rifles. I preferred the heavier Remington. My first shotgun was a Remington 870 Wingmaster I bought when I was a young Border Patrol Agent. Sadly I sold it early on after getting married when we were in need of some cash.  My very next shotgun was a Remington 870 Express combo. I still have that Remington 870 which I used on the job as a Customs Agent and in the field hunting - I bagged my first buck with it, an 8 point whitetail. 

I also currently have the following Remington firearms:  12 gauge Model 10, 12 gauge Model 29, 16 gauge Model 31 (all of those pump action shotguns); a 513T Matchmaster bolt action rifle in 22LR, Model 141 pump action rifle in 35 REM, Remington R1 1911 pistol in 45 ACP. I've had a bunch of others too and gave my son a Remington 870 Express combo with laminate stock. 

I believe Remington is the oldest surviving manufacturer of firearms in the USA, they started up in Ilion, NY in the early 1800s. Sadly they seem to be on their last legs but hopefully someone will take them over and the legacy will live on. Right now it seems the company is being split up 7 ways. The corporation taking over the Remington name for manufacturing of firearms is the RoundHill Group (well right now they are the high bidder and the court needs to approve it all). Who knows what will become of them! If they do shut down the name and manufacture of Remington Arms completely, I will deeply regret never visiting their facility and museum in Ilion, NY. Remington is an American icon.

Edited To Add: Here is a link to an article about which companies will get which parts of Remington (once finalized in the courts).

All the best,
Glenn B