Friday, November 3, 2006

The Big Move To Verizon FIOS... what I made today. In fact I spent about the last hour or so just on the telephone with a Verizon representative in order to change service on my telephone (from AT&T), my Internet service (from AOL dial up), and my cable TV service (from Cablevision). I changed them all to Verizon FIOS, and no they are not paying me for this blog.

The reasons I changed are simple. I was pretty sick and tired of Cablevision for my cable television service provider. Their prices just kept going up, and each time they went up, it seemed to me, their channel selections got more restrictive and service got worse. Besides that their customer service sucked as far as I am concerned. With Verizon, I will get more premium channels, about 22 or so, including the Showtime lineup which I do not have under cablevision, and my bill will be about $10 less per month. Eat my shorts cablevision, my dirty shorts!

As for AT&T telephone service, it was fine in my opinion. Verizon though offers more service to include all long distance, toll and local calling for $29.95 per month for a year, then $34.95 per month after that, whereas I am currently paying about $39.00 per month for AT&T and that does not include long distance charges which are additional. Verizon has a better deal. Their fiber optics system promises to have better call quality too, time will tell. Sorry AT&T, after a long ride you lose out to better pricing and the promise of clearer calls.

As for AOL, I was a little miffed when they recently told their customers who had Internet access through a third party, that they no longer had to pay monthly fees to AOL; but those AOL users who connected over the dial up service still had to pay their regular bills. I got much more pissed off tonight when I checked my billing online, and I found out that AOL apparently snuck, at least past me, a $9.95 per month dial up service in there without sending out notification to its dial-up customers like me! I currently pay $25.90 for AOL dial-up service; yet I apparently could have been paying only $9.95 for a similar unlimited use service from AOL, that is limited on things only like how much security protection they give you and how much email you can save. I think it was pretty low handed on AOL's part not to make this new pricing known to their dial-up users. Besides that, in my estimation, AOL customer service absolutely sucks; they have the most condescending customer support people with whom I have ever dealt. AOL can bite me. I will make sure to use my AOL email address for free though once I have Verizon FIOS. I will play AOL for all it is worth since they seemingly found it appropriate to play some customers as suckers.

Of course Verizon tried to get me to switch my cell phone service from Cingular to Verizon. I am pretty happy with Cingular although I do have to re-up my contracts. If they do not give me some nice free phones, I may switch over to Verizon; but then again I think I'll stick with Cingular for now on the cell phones.

best regards,
Glenn B

Denmark is doing something right... its apparent view at terrorism, and Islamo Facism. The reason I say so is because they came in second on a poll of enemies of Egypt, which coincidently is a predominently Muslim state; see this artiicle: Denmark 'Egypt's foe', says poll . Hmm, I wonder why the Egyptians dislike the Danish so much? Maybe it is because the Danes have the balls to realize that they have an official language which is not Arabic, they have a culture which is not Arabic or Muslim, those from Muslim nations residing in Demark are aliens and can get citizeship only if they abide by Danish law not by Sharia law, if the aliens do not want to assimilate into Danish culture and follow Danish laws and speak the language of the land - well then they can get out or be kicked out. My hat goes off to Denmark. It ios about time we do the same here in the USA.

Best regards,
Glenn B