Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Violent Revolution

Is now the time for violent revolution. I have to wonder about just how bad it was for our founding fathers when they decided that all hell needed to break loose. The principles upon which our nation was founded are being trashed one by one, by previous presidential administrations (Democrat & Republican) and apparently also by the current one, at least in my personal estimation. Our president seemingly wants to have a Supreme Court justice who empathises and who decides legal issues based upon emotion instead of upon our Constitution (the basis of all of our laws, the bedrock of our legal system, the foundation of our jurisprudence, the make up of our republic). Simply amazing. Of course, we are also rapidly becoming a socialist nation economically and politically, and we are facing a major fiscal collapse the likes of which we have not seen in decades and all the politicians seem to want to do is to raise taxes while the citizenry who actually work for a living will have no way to pay them. Our moral condition has become demoralized and abortion is considered ethical and in fact a preferred form of birth control by many, there are same sex marriages, and there are pedophiles who have raped children over and over again for years who then get minimal sentences. We are floundering on issues of national defense such as North Korea with the bomb, the two wars in which we are involved, our mission to wipe out terrorism, and securing our own borders to name a few. We are allowing our Constitutional rights to be whittled away such as the Right to keep and Bear Arms, the Right to Free Speech, and the Right to Worship as we please or not; but gosh darn it let's make sure that non-combatant prisoners of war, those terrorists at Gitmo, have more right than do U.S. Citizens while we decide to punish lawyers for giving a legal opinion that water boarding was not torture - all the while as we have a president who apparently was a personal friend of a terrorist and evidently who had a hate monger for a preacher! Doesn't this seem of kilter to you, it sure does to me - badly so!

So yes, I am wondering just what it is that will make people start to look at violent revolution as a viable form of saving our principles and a way of life that at one time in the not too distant past made the United States of America the greatest nation on the face of this earth. Does there need to be more fuel added to the fire, do we need more prodding by inept and corrupt politicians or is it that we who remember a better life are just too old and fat to care and our younger citizens do not have a clue about the likely consequences of the path we are currently taking. While I am not advocating it, I must say, I believe that violent revolution is drawing nearer and nearer if only because I cannot for the life of me fathom how our government will be able to keep the people pacified what with the potentially imminent destruction of all that for which our nation once stood. I think it is closer than any of us may imagine, maybe only a few or even only a couple of years off. I pray things get better before it comes to that. Yet, the pragmatic side of me just does not think that we will ever regain our freedoms, our integrity, our prosperity, our sense of justice and morality without a violent upheaval of some sort though I hope for those things to be regained peacefully. Am I off the mark or do you too see storm clouds on the horizon?

All the best,
Glenn B