Sunday, March 13, 2022

I Hope We Do Not Wind Up In World War III...

 ...on the fields of Armageddon but I fear that is is almost inevitable. How could we wind up there? Well, if not by way of the purpose of the president of a foreign nation, who is a tyrannical madman, then by way of the abject ineptitude on the part of the ultra liberal sniveling and corrupt piece of turd who is our president. I hope I am wrong about that but I doubt it. 

I have prepared a little to be ready for it but what I have done pales as compared to what some have done to be truly prepared. Anyhow, I'll keep preparing, maybe until I die; all the while hoping it, the it being survival drive, rubs off on my heirs. 

I must says though, it truly is miserable being back in the heat of another Cold War but truth be told - I guess we have never been completely out of it since it first started. It began almost as soon as (or maybe even slightly before) the first and second A-bombs were dropped. Sadly - we did that - dropped both bombs #1 & #2. They remain the only known nuclear weapons to have been used in warfare so far. By the way, I do not dispute that number 1, swiftly followed by number 2, ended WWII - so do not get me wrong when I mentioned that it was sad we used them - it can be both right & sad at the same time. Heck, I also say it was short sighted, on President Truman's part, not to immediately put Russia in its place back then (before they became a nuclear power). Anyway, thankfully no others have been dropped again onto a nation by any other nation as an act of war (although as I said - WW III seems almost inevitable to me and if it comes about it surely will rain nuclear fire upon us).
Thus what is going on now, with Russia in the Ukraine, is very concerning - enough so to be extremely scary all over again. We really do not need to drill this shit into kids and libturds again - do we!

All the best,
Glenn B