Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Are Ammo Prices Really Set To Rise By Up To 25%?

There has been a bunch of discussion on the gun forums lately saying that ammunition prices are set to rise. Some bloggers like Greybeard have also noted likewise in their rants. In addition, the news media is spouting off about ammunition shortages for police departments; though I tend to think that article is a lot of hooey. So it seems do others think likewise, see:

What I do not think is hooey, is that ammo prices will rise as guys like Greybeard have pointed out. The reason I think this is true is because I have heard it from him, and elsewhere, and in fact from an ammunition dealer's website. As per the good folks at Natchez Shooter's Supplies ammo prices have been set to rise from 5 to 25% by ammo manufacturers, effective September 1, 2007; see:

Not only do they point out the expected rise in ammo pricing, they actually give links to letters they attribute to certain manufacturers: CCI & Federal, Remington, and Winchester. Click on each of those ammo manufacturer names to see PDF format letters, apparently from each of them about the upcoming ammo pricing increase.

OUCH, that is gunna hurt! So, to avoid the sting later on, I just went ahead and placed an order with for 200 rounds of .35 Remington (a case as far as that round goes) at only 13.97 a box for 200 Gr. Winchester Super-X. That is a good deal since I have seen locally at gun shops and mega stores at about $18 to $20 per box. I also ordered 500 rounds of Wolf 7.62x39 122 Gr. HP steel cased ammo at $88.32. Even with shipping at $17.99 its a deal, especially since I got $10 off with a coupon, so in effect shipping was only $7.99. I really needed some other ammo too, but truth be told, I cannot even afford that which I just ordered. Then again, once the prices go up, I'd be even less able to afford it, so it is sort of a good purchase even if it makes things tight for a month. If I can swing it, I'll also buy 500 rounds of .22 WMR before the month is over.

I suggest anyone who anticipates a need for ammo in the near future do what I did and buy now before any price increases. Shop around and find the best prices that you can, then scoop up as much as you can. Just a 15% raise in prices will be cost prohibitive for many shooters, let alone some increases up to 25%.

All the best,
Glenn B