Wednesday, November 18, 2020

So, I Was Sitting Here In My Chair At My Laptop...

 ...just a few minutes ago listening to Rush, online, when he took a commercial break. I was not paying much attention to the commercials, could not tell you what any of them were about; well, except for one. One began with a mellow voiced middle American accented gentleman talking about spanking. He went on to discuss how spanking is an age old, effective and totally acceptable, form of discipline for children. It was excellent, not only because of the screaming spanked children 👿 in the background, but because I fully believe such to be the case - that spanking is acceptable, when only done if truly needed and when the spanker is not at all angry but completely in control of his or her emotions. 

I spanked both of my kids a few times in their younger days, usually on the thighs although my son got it on his arse more than once, even did it with a belt once to each (very mildly - but snapping that belt a few ties & giving them only one light whack had all the desired effect you could want and later all I needed was to snap it leather on leather not on butt and it worked. 

Anyway, they got their truly fair share of spanking, their share of which was pretty rare and only when the transgression was serious enough to warrant the fear of a an arse whooping (more so than an actual spanking of any severity). Spankings of my daughter ceased probably when she was about 10-12, at least from me - left it to the wife to decide if she ever needed another which she did not. When my son was about 12 or so, and had done something very seriously wrong, I told him to drop his drawers (something my daughter never had to do)  & bend over my knee. I had waited about 5 or 10 minutes after telling him off in a fury - because I did not want to administer any punishment that was even in part fueled by my anger over what he had done (and I was angry that time).  He hesitated and sheepishly asked if there was some other way we could handle it because it was embarrassing to him. That was good. Why? Well because he knew or guessed I respected him enough to give him and option and because he knew what he had done was serious and deserved punishment but also had arrived at a level of maturity to know there were other ways to do that without spanking him. That exhibited quite a bit of maturity and responsibility for a 12 year old. So, we talked over what he had done wrong and I obtained a solemn promise he'd never do it again, and I doled out a punishment after asking him what he thought it should be (and his idea was more severe than what I had in mind). Of course, I also told him if he did ever again, he'd not only get the belt but would get it hard (it was that serious). He never did it again (and the it shall remain a mystery to you forever).

Back to that commercial with which I agreed and enjoyed. The amazing thing about it was that at the end the gentleman said it was sponsored by the state legislature of Oklahoma. You'd never here anything like that in NY from its legislature! I love it here even if where I live is a pimple on the backside of Texas.

Pardon me if there are any obvious spelling or grammatical errors above, my hip has been killing me; so, I just drank a modified zombie with four different types of rum and am having a large dollop of white rum right now because the pain medication has failed miserably and it hurts like hell and I've got to kill that zombie without delay! 

ETA: got a decent afternoon of sleep regardless of the pain and that was a good thing, pain is much less now.

All the best,
Glenn B

Liberals Truly Can Be Stupid...

 ...and sometimes are so idiotic as almost to be beyond belief. I saw what must have been the mist ridiculous bumper sticker today, wish I could have gotten a picture. It was right there among several other stickers expressing leftist viewpoints but it stuck out if only because of its profound wrogness. What was printed on it was this:


If you do not instantly realize what is absolutely incorrect and extremely moronic about that, on more than one level, I recommend going back to elementary school for some 4th or 5th grade history lessons as they were taught - by Mrs. Brophy in St. Pancras RC School in Glendale, NY - back in the mid-1960s before ultra-leftist ideology began to take over the education of our children and to reshape history itself.

All the best,
Glenn B

With The Additional Ballots Found In GA... cannot arrive at the conclusion that there was voter fraud but it surely adds fuel to Trump's fire when he claims such because it is hard evidence that things were, at the very least, very wrong. Just 5,639 ballots (source) are not going to change the tide even if all of the votes were for President Trump. Yet, it certainly makes one wonder, since they found them, how many others might be found and/or how many others were destroyed instead of being misplaced and thus not counted. 

They had an awful lot of time in those final battleground states to do a lot of things to corrupt the vote when suddenly all of those states stopped counting votes for an extended period of time.Why did that first in history concurrent cessation of the counts (in what was it - 4 states) during mid-count take place and exactly what was being done by those states' election authorities when the counts were stopped? This is just getting deeper & deeper as we move along.

I suspect it may get deeper yet. In fact, I am surprised that the Democrats have not tried to blame the Republicans & President Trump for the temporarily missing ballots. Why would they do that, you may wonder. I think they may yet try to say that Trump and his allies arranged for them to be hidden and left uncounted until the point at which the president contested the vote and then they'd suddenly be found to boost the president's claims that there was corruption. In other words that the Republicans arranged all this to look like corruption on the part of the Democrats in a clever attempt by President Trump to unlawfully hold up the election process and the certification of Biden as the President Elect. Nope, it would not surprise me at all if the dems tried to say such, they have said every other fantastically unbelievable thing about him to try to oust him over the past 4 years, why not try this as well.

All the best,
Glenn B