Tuesday, March 17, 2020

Cheaper Than Dirt Is At It Again

Ammo that was recently selling for about $350 at other online dealers is being advertised at Cheaper Than Dirt for $979.70 as I type. Specifically:

Winchester Lake City 5.56 NATO Ammunition 1000 Rounds FMJ 55 Grains - and while their site lists the Manufacturer Number: USA556LKY if you look at the front or side of the box in their ad, you will see it is USA556LK.

To think I started shopping with them again last summer. Live and learn - no not them but me!

All the best,
Glenn B

The Irish Story X 2

The Stock Market Sucks But Not My Stocks

I have very little money invested in the stock market, only a few thousand dollars and only in two stocks of essentially the same type of companies. I never was and never will be a maven of investments (unless lead, copper and brass are good investments). Yet, my stocks were in the black today - both of them. And there I had been thinking I must have lost my shirt when in fact - with what I made today - I could afford to by a decent suit or three or a very nice AR-15. Of course, it may mostly or even all be gone tomorrow.

All the best,
Glenn B

Happy St. Patrick's Day -The Aroma Of Cooking Corned Beef Fills The Air...

...in my apartment and I can almost taste it now. I cooked corned beef, cabbage, parsnips and white turnips for dinner on Friday when Brendan came to visit for the weekend. It was delicious. I had another in reserve and bought another last night when I went shopping. What can I say - I love corned beef and you just do not see it in the Texarkana area, from what I have seen, other than around St. Patrick's Day. Nothing cooking except the corned beef right now, although the cabbage and remaining parsnips and white turnips go into the pot soon. Dinner will be scrumptious.

One sad note, I did not find any Irish Soda Bread and I have the Kerrygold Butter ready to spread on it. Oh well, less carbs.

Enjoy the day, do not get too drunk.

All the best,
Glenn B

It's Not The Zombie Apocalypse But It's Having An Extremely Drastic Effect On Everything

So there I was sitting on mine arse, in my apartment at 0615 in the AM, diligently blowing my runny nose (it's been runny for 3 weeks, I figure seasonal allergies since the mongrel has been sneezing when I have sniffles) as I was checking my current online bids in the upcoming Hessney Gun & Military Auction when it struck me that I was sure it had been set for this coming weekend on Saturday March 21st. Yet, for some reason it was showing March 28th. I guessed then that I had just gotten the date mixed up but must say that it was like that something under your skin kind of a thing and it kept bugging me. So, I looked around the site a bit more and saw my guess was wrong, I had not mixed up the date, my memory was good at least on that. Indeed, it had been scheduled for March 21. "Had been scheduled" were the words of importance in my last sentence. Things have changed - including the date of the auction and the fact that it will no longer be a live auction. It now is being restricted to online bidding only (online bidding is normally part of Hessney live auctions and usually runs up through the morning of the live auction and then ceases before live bidding commences). Why was the date pushed back and why was it changed to online bidding only - you know the answer to that but if you want it spelled out here is what I saw on their website:


Bidding Notice:  ATTENTION: Due to COVID-19; State and County Regulations this is now an ONLINE ONLY AUCTION on SATURDAY MARCH 28th STARTING at 12 NOON: Hessney Auction is commited to our buyers and sellers, please call our office at 315-789-9349 with any questions, or continue reading for updated auction information.

Why is this madness playing out? Why is it that virtually everyone in the world is freaking out over this new virus like it is the harbinger of end of the world on our doorstep much like one would see in a movie about the Zombie Apocalypse. There are only three reasons I can think of for this happening. 

1. Around the world, Governments know more than they are letting on- much more about COVID-19. Somehow, I find it next to impossible to believe such really is the case BECAUSE it has not leaked out yet. In other words, governments know that this disease is going to cause much more pestilence and death than they have let on, for whatever reason and from whatever source, and they are trying to prepare us as best they can without causing an even worse panic than the one they and the media (mostly the media) have caused. Again in other words - it is the Zombie Apocalypse or at least TEOTWAWKI and the governments of the world are hiding that fact from us; of course, just as I do not think it plausible I also hope it is not the case.

2. This is truly one of the best laid conspiracies played out by anyone throughout history to topple the current ruler of a world power - as is: President Donald Trump. My guess is even if it is not actually a conspiracy (which I highly doubt) - no matter what the president does in response to this so called crisis - he will later be blamed for everything and anything that may have gone wrong and anything he did right will be criticized as having been wrong by the demoncrats (and that blame game is definitely a leftist conspiracy because it has been ongoing since before he was first elected and proof appears every day for it).

3. Most people are idiots. (I figure this is the one.)

Damn, I just found out - within the last hour when my son paid an unexpected visit (he was making a delivery in Texarkana and stopped by on his lunch break) that there was a notice in my door. He handed it to me as he walked in. It was from my apartment complex management saying that they have put the front office in shut-down due to COVID-19. With that freshly put in my face, i went to get my mail. I found a notice saying a package had been left for me with the front office. Luckily, they gave it to me. Yes, the ladies are still working (at least for today) and saw  me waiving the notice outside the front door. One of them brought me the box and I wished them to "stay healthy" during the end of the world! I also checked a local news site online - much to my surprise there was a local "boil order" because of a water delivery breakdown. There were also several closures and restrictions put on public gatherings. The craziness has hit Texas just like elsewhere.

Can you imagine what would be happening if it truly was TEOTWAWKI. Don't laugh - maybe it is TEOTWAWKI. I do not mean because I think the virus will wipe us out and who knows - maybe it will do just that - but even if the virus winds up being a false alarm then because we have evolved into a worldwide population of morons who over react in abject fear to everything that anyone wants to see as a crisis. I would hope it is the second one - an over reaction and not TEOTWAWKI because I think there will be some few of us with enough brains to survive.

Think of it though - can you imagine what would happen if there was a real apocalyptic situation. People would go more bat shit crazy than they are now. Then again - think of this and think of it long and hard:  WHAT HAPPENS IF COVID-19 DOES NOT FADE AWAY LIKE A SEASONAL VIRUS? What are people going to do if it remains active forever and throughout each and every season, or worse yet if it seems to go inactive and then returns with a vengeance! Will the stock market go to zero? Will food never reappear on the shelves at supermarkets. Will medical supplies dwindle. Will folks never be allowed to gather in number. Are people going to remain hiding in their homes, working from home? If the last one, I'd like to know how truck drivers, police officers, doctors, sanitation-men, road workers, military personnel are going to do that - heck how are they expected to do it now; yet, state and local governments are mandating that their employees work from home (my daughter's employer is one such example), that folks do not attend large gatherings, are closing restaurants, are instituting curfews, and some are saying that people stay home altogether. I don't know about you but I will be taking my dog for daily walks and will be shopping when I need supplies.

I understand completely that people should take precautions against catching and spreading this pretty much unknown disease but why on earth we are not doing it in a more sensible manner is a mystery to me and why the government and the media are making it worse is a disgrace. The depths of human stupidity remain unfathomable.

By the way, if China wanted to start WW-III today - they'd win. Why? Let's face it - they successfully have shown they can control us and have easily put us into a state of total unprepared lunacy with our politicians and media helping them do it. Think about that too.

Stay healthy.

All the best,
Glenn B