Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Temporarily Brain Dead Due To Creeping Crud...

...thus no blogging tonight except for this. My lack of other blogging is all due to the really whopping case of poison something or other that I have on my knees, inner thighs, groin (no not on the important parts, thank goodness), lower back, behind my ears on an them too, on my neck and left shoulder and a bit on my left hand and both arms. Man oh man, it itches and I have to ..........scratching........ get something to quell it. Tomorrow, I will be off to the druggist to pick up the stuff my doc prescribed for me today. She guaranteed it would stop the itch.......... scratching again......... I hope so! This weekend I am thinking of spraying herbicide in my yard. Of course, I'll probably just search out the poison ivy, oak, or sumac and destroy any I find.

Scratching again,