Friday, March 28, 2014

Demand Battery Registration With Confiscation As The Goal

Watch the following video, it may save your life (and I mean that most seriously). After watching it, why not also call your Senator and Representative in the House to tell them you demand that all 9 volt batteries (also known as assault batteries) be registered and that the ultimate goal should be confiscation of all assault batteries. See how they handle that one. I don't think they, not even the libturds, will handle it the same as registering firearms but you never know in this leftist version of Bizarro World where it seems we always want to blame someone or something other than the responsible party. I can hear them now with chants of ban assault batteries and the 9 volt is a killer. Next thing you know, they will change the definition of assault battery to include even triple A's and other batteries of lower voltage, then the registrations will begin in earnest.

I think I will send my representatives an email, demanding that they have all citizens register assault batteries, before I logoff of my laptop tonight (and I am being very serious here). I mean just imagine what a crazy nut job or a terrorist, let alone a homeowner, could do with one of those bad boys.

All the best,
Glenn B