Sunday, September 1, 2013

The Ultimate Goal of The Gun Control Freaks

With President Obama's latest executive order preventing the repatriation of U.S. military rifles, I have finally figured it out, I know what the leftists ultimately are trying to accomplish with gun control. They are working their way from full autos, to Saturday Night Specials, to carry licenses that are almost impossible to get, to Chinese imports, to semi autos, to 30 round mags, to ammo restrictions, to 15 round mags, to 10 round mags and now to old military surplus. But why? My friends, it has all been to try to get to this off the streets and forever banned, the actual ultimate target of the anti-gun nut jobs ever since November 1963:
It was the gun was used to kill their demi-god and ruin their fantasy. You remember the fantasy, the one with the president who supposedly lived in Camelot like a king even though this was still most definitely a Constitutional Republic. Once they ban that one gun, all the gun control shit will cease and they will be happy to only push things like: Obama-care, gay marriages, eating less meat and transgender toilets in grammar schools. Too bad Richard M. Nixon did not beat his ass in the election in 1960 because had he done so, none of this gun control shit would have ever taken off. It's also too bad that if they actually are successful at banning that one rifle, by the time they have gotten to it, they will have banned every other firearm ever manufactured. Fuck the left.

All the best,
Glenn B