Tuesday, May 5, 2009

I Have No Idea What Type Of Cactus...

...this is, but I think you will admit that the flower - even though apparently not fully open - is pretty impressive. Just another interesting shot from along the Pima Canyon Trail near my hotel here in Tucson. Click on it to view a bigger view of it.
Somehow, I thought the flowers would have all been gone by now but I got this shot on May 1st. There are still lots of cacti blooming all around here in the mountains and valleys. maybe if I am really lucky I'll be able to get some shots at of some Hummingbirds in action while attending one of these beauties. I did see a hummingbird plucking small gnats or flies out of the air on Saturday as I rested from a hike. I never knew that ate anything but nectar; but I guess it stands to reason they need some protein. At first I doubted what I saw because of my vision but I put on my glasses and the bugs were back-lit so as to make them stand out from the background as they buzzed around so I know what I saw when I saw it. The Hummingbird would hover a few seconds, then dart forward and snap its beak and gobble down a gnat. It had amazing accuracy and got one each time it tried. It flew off after about 20 or so such morsels. Of course that flight coincided with me grabbing for my camera to record the event. Next time I will be ready for it.
All the best,
Glenn B