Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Thursday: Update On Judgement Day, Demons Of The Apocalypse, Doomsday, Zombies Rising Up From The Dead And Sex

We have about 65 hours and 59 minutes until the end of the world as we know it (or so some would have you believe). Have you done anything to prepare yourselves yet? I asked my son about it and he laughed at the idea (or was it at me). Anyway, I talked to him for about 2 minutes after that and the next thing I knew he was loading magazines for his AR-15 and our AK-47s. Not because he believes the end of the world is coming but because, after our little talk, he understands it is better to be ready for something and not have needed to take the precautions than to not be ready and suddenly realize, in the middle of a shitstorm bad situation, that you are totally unprepared for it. All this Armageddon jazz just brings this all to mind, so why not take advantage of it.

Me, I have not done much else than blog about it, because my stuff has been ready. Well, I did clean some guns but that is not so much in preparation for doomsday as it is just good maintenance and good preparation for any circumstance in which I may have need for a flawlessly functioning firearm. You know, like all of a sudden I hear scratching on my doors and windows and hear moaning and people screaming and gurgling ripping of flesh sounds and I realize that a horde of zombies has descended on the neighborhood and are all around my house just waiting to either get their next meal or be exterminated. Me, I choose not to wind up as their next entree and I kind of like the idea of being the exterminator.

My son does not usually read my blog, at least I don't think he does. He gets enough of my incessant babbling around the house and whenever he travels with me in the car (a captive audience). Tonight though, just an hour or so ago, I recommended he go read my blog post, from this past Sunday, the one about the 'upcoming end of the world on this coming Saturday'. He went up to his room to read it on his laptop. A few minutes later, he came down and said it was pretty good and he thought it was funny. I asked if besides the funny he saw the serious side of it, the idea about being prepared as being a good thing. He got it, whether for zombies, Judgement day, the end of the world, a natural disaster, a man made disaster or whatever. By the way, he enlightened me (both mentally and spiritually) that the end of the world is not supposed to happen until this October and that this Saturday will only be Judgement Day and the beginning of the end. How little he realized just how wonderfully relieved I was to hear the good news! After that, he just left to go out with his pals.

Now mind you, I am not the only one blogging about Doomsday, or whatever you want to call it. Others are doing it too. Even the government of the United States of America has reportedly done so. As reported by The Wall Street Journal, here in
this article, the CDC wants to know if you are prepared for a zombie apocalypse and then gives you advice on how to prepare for it. Yes they actually tell you how to prepare for zombies. What is up with that? Do you think they believe something cataclysmically evil is about to take place - what with all the predictions of doom, gloom and Judgement Day being upon us and with all the other disasters that have been seen worldwide within the last several months or so. It sure seems like mother nature has been slamming us pretty hard round the world - doesn't it. Or maybe it is truly the wrath of God! It just gets me to wondering why the government is getting in on all of it right now.

My guess is they do not believe one iota of it but want you and I to be prepared for the unexpected in terms of natural disasters or man made ones or maybe even for things like terrorism. (I know of only one thing I would rather shoot more than zombies and that is terrorists - where and when legally justified of course.) So, I am guessing they are just getting in on all the hype with the hope that the timing will actually get more folks to pay attention to what they have to say about emergency preparedness. You know, they tell you to have water, food, first aid kits, blankets, flashlights and batteries and all that stuff. They are actually going about it in a pretty sensible way too. Then again, have you ever known the federal government to be that efficient or reasonable as to do something just because it makes sense! Maybe they know something they are not telling us about all this end of the world stuff!!! Nah, couldn't be anything to it - could it? Just in case there is though, there is one other preparedness detail the CDC blog does not mention but that I try never to fail to mention - guns & ammo. As for ammo and guns - we are set for years.

What they know or don't know, at the CDC, about TEOTWAWKI (the end of the world as we know it) does not effect me. I am, and have been, ready for a disaster should it strike, or am at least somewhat ready. My level of preparedness would probably get me and my family through a week or two before we would be forced to go out to resupply with essentials such as taco chips, salsa, popcorn, dog food, Spam (the kind you eat not the online variety and note how it came right after dog food), wine & whiskey, iced tea and whatever. Anyway, I am going to Costco on Saturday morning to stock up on more supplies. So, if Judgement Day goes off as planned, at 6PM (a friend at work had a good question, is that EDST or Greenwich mean time), we should be good maybe for up to 3 to 4 weeks. If it does not happen, well - we will be ready for it the following weekend, or for the earthquake, flood, hurricane, nuclear power plant leak, terrorist acts, the sky falling or for the Horsemen of the Apocalypse followed by all the demons of hell (well maybe not quite all of them). If none of it happens in our lifetimes - so what! We can still eat the chips, salsa and Spam (my wife hates it, I am not sure of how my daughter feels about it, but the son and I love it). And as for all the ammo, we can have a blast with it at the range.

Before I close, I gotta tell you, this end of the world stuff is absolutely amazing. My blog had been averaging around 115 unique visits a day for a couple of weeks about 4 weeks ago. I was happy with that because it was up from the meager 80 to 85 hits I was getting on average prior to that. Then it went back down to the 80s again last week. Well, on Sunday, when I first wrote about all this gloom and doom (and mind you most people do not read blogs on the weekend so some spilled over to Monday), I got 159 visits on Sunday, 202 on Monday, back down to about 80 on Tuesday. Then when I made very brief mention again, early Wednesday morning, about all this 'end of ends' stuff, the visits to my blog skyrocketed to 766 on Wednesday. Wow, people love this stuff and I am guessing that is what the CDC was betting on when they timed their zombie apocalypse preparedness blog just right, in there with all this end of the world stuff. When I wrote my post on Sunday, I was not betting on any such thing, I was just blogging as usual. I most humbly have been amazed at the number of hits my blog has been getting, mostly because of that one piece I wrote on Sunday:

Is The World Going To End Next Saturday

While I sure hope it does not end, that is that the world does not end next Saturday, I kind of figure the skyrocketing interest in my blog will soon crash to earth. Yet, I hope I can find some other ways to peak your interest in my rather mundane blog, to keep up your future visits to it, not as high as yesterday's number of visits but a bit higher than they had been before all this hoopla began. In that light, I may just have to write up all types of future TEOTWAWKI predictions or maybe I can just write about sex. I guess though I should probably stick to things I know about; and so, sadly, I will keep writing about guns, ammo, politics, herps, history, current events and preparedness for doom and gloom. Wish I could have told you it would have been about sex!

All the best,
Glenn B
PS: If the zombies, as in the walking dead, do not show up this Saturday and we all make it through to Sunday unscathed, I may celebrate with some Zombies (not the walking dead kind but the kind you drink that turn you into the walking dead). I think I have most, if not all, of the fixings.

Most Sensible Commentary To Date On The Death Of Osama bin Laden & Its Aftermath

Once again, Pat Condell makes so much sense it makes me wish he was the grand advisor to the Supreme Leader of the Universe, or at least an Irish Whiskey drinking buddy of mine with whom I could chew the fat (pork fat at that).

All the best,
Glenn B