Friday, September 16, 2016

Missouri - One of the Good Ones

Missouri has added itself to the list of states that do not require a concealed carry permit (source). I keep hoping beyond any reasonable hope that NY State will do likewise.

All the best,

Is It Friday Already?

TGIF as they say. I am playing hooky from work today but with valid excuses. I have to see a couple of docs as follow-up to my ER visit to the hospital because of my recent car accident. Went to see an ophthalmologist on Tuesday and as soon as he realized it was going through no-fault auto insurance (which is the law in NY State) he refused to see me. He gave me about 6 different lies excuses as to why I lost a day's pay taking off to see him but his last was probably he truth - he did not want to get involved in litigation. There likely will not be any litigation since the other guy involved in the accident claimed full responsibility for the accident and I imagine is insurance company will make a settlement that is enough for me for a very sizable down payment on a new Corolla. Time will tell and if not then a lawyer hired by me will tell but I think they will pay me enough to keep me happy. Anyway, now I am seeing not only my regular doc today but also another ophthalmologist. The thing about that is the timing of the visits is whacky. I should be seeing the eye doctor first, then my regular doc with his results. I am seeing them the other way around, only way I could get the appointments. As for that other eye doc not seeing me, I think I will send him a bill for my lost wages and maybe take him to small claims court if he does not want to pay. So much for his not wanting litigation.

The good news for me about today though, other than it being a day off of work and its being Friday, is what I will be doing tonight. Tonight Brendan, Zack, Pat (two of his buds) and I will be going to see the Charlie Daniels Band along with whatever group is backing them up. We saw the CDB last year and they were excellent; that concert made me wonder why I was never a bigger fan of Charlie Daniels!

Tomorrow is another story, I have about a 200 mile drive just to pick up my license plates and personal effects from my wrecked car. So far, Brendan is slated to come with me which means we can have some fun after we do that. We'll probably bring some guns and stop at Han's place for shooting goodness and after that for some alcohol containing beverage for the night. Having to drive bac home the very next day will be a bummer but we both have to work on Monday. Still, we can squeeze some good fun into the day tomorrow.

All the best,
Glenn B