Sunday, May 2, 2021

It's About Time Utahns Awakened

 ...and they did it resoundingly when RINO Romney took to the stage there recently:


Hopefully they will get this bum out of politics as they seemingly got him away from the podium! Can you imagine the sheer gall he had to ask the crowd if they were embarrassed! Of what I wonder. I suppose my answer to myself would be that they might have been embarrassed of ever voting for him in the first place and thus are also embarrassed that he is their man in government. The man is, I think, pure RINO much akin to the late John McCain.

 By the way, I checked what to call them before calling the Utahns see: I chose to go with what they call themselves in their state - not what the federal government wants to call them. After all, it is their state.

All the best,
Glenn B