Thursday, July 20, 2017

It's Friggin Hot...

...seems to be the complaint of the day around here and up in the Bronx where I worked today. I had no clue what anyone was complaining about, because the AC was working at super chill in our office. Anyway, it was in fact obviously very hot outside as witnessed by one young lass who walked in with virtually 25% (or more) of her huge and very sweaty breasts exposed due to the low cut nature of her top- which I think was a bikini top covered by a light sort of a very open fronted blouse. She was complaining about it being so very hot and saying that the only way to walk around was wearing nothing! All the while the other guy with whom I was working was thinking (and later saying) she was hot. Me, I will keep what thoughts I had to myself. Well, I will keep all but this one to myself - I was thinking what in heck did people expect - it's late July - as in summertime - of course it's hot.

When I left the office at quitting time, the thermometer on my car's dashboard said it was 100 degrees. The car had been sitting in the sun. In reality, from what I could tell on a few weather stations, the temp was between 95 & 96 in that neck of the concrete jungle. That is pretty damned hot up this way and the humadidity was right up there too. I just opened the windows, vented as I drove for a few blocks, then cranked on the AC to max. I was chilling in almost no time and thinking " Summertime, and the living is easy..."!

Made me wish I was catfishing and sucking down some icy cold suds.

All the best,
Glenn B