Sunday, August 27, 2006

The Bear Huntig Trip, part 1...

or How Sleeping Beauty Slept.

Yes you probably guessed that sleeping beauty is my son Brendan. Right now, ay 0809, is is up in our fast asleep. We are in a Holiday Inn Express in White River Junction, Vermont. It is a nice small town, surrounded by lovely green hills, a place to which I might like to retire.

It took us about 5 hours, almost exactly, to get here from our home on Long Island, NY yesterday. From out home to Danbury, CT we averaged about only 30mph. From Danbury to Hartford, CT we averaged about 40 MPG. That was horrendous. After that we made good time. We did the total of 272 miles in exactly 4 hours 50 minutes. That was 19 minutes less than the estimate given to me by MS streets when I planned the trip. During that time, I figure, Brendan slept about 75% of the time. At least someone got to our destination for day one well rested. While I had little company that was awake, at least it did not rain as the skies threatened to do.

We checked into the Holiday Inn in White River Junction, then headed over the river (I would guess tyhe White River) to a brewery/pub/restaurant in New Hampshire. I had a delicious steak dinners and Brendan had Chickem Parmigan (spelling). It was all delicious as was the beer and a hald I had. Then off to WalMart to get some last minite supplies and back to the hotel. We watched some thriller, Lucky Number Sevin or something like that, with Bruce Willis and Morgan Freeman, lousy start - good in middle - good finish. Then we watched another Bruce Willis movie, one of my all time favorites: The Fifth Element. Then to lala land for the night. I got up very early, hours ago, sleeping beauty - he is still snoozing.

Time to go bring him back to the world of the living and head out. Probably no blogging until next week again for me, I doubt there is a pc at the lodge, but who knows. Check again tomorrow.

All the best,
Glenn B