Friday, November 21, 2008

Today In History - The Columbine Masacre

Are you saying, hey wait a minute, the Columbine High School Massacre took place on April 20, not on November 21, well you would be right. Then again, who is referring to the Columbine High School Massacre? Not me that is for sure. I am writing about the original Columbine Massacre, the one that took place on November 21, 1927 when about a half dozen coal miners were killed by police during an organized strike called for by the union known as The Industrial Workers of the World (a leftist loony union if ever I have heard of one, but still no excuse for the actions of the police and mine security officers that day).

There was scuffling, there was blood, there was violence, and then there were reportedly a couple of shots fired into the air by the sheriff. Of course that was all that was needed to get the other LEOs shooting and many who did not deserve to be were wounded or died as a result.

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