Wednesday, March 14, 2007

He gets my money... least at this point of the presidential campaign process. Who, you ask! Tom Tancredo, say I.

So far I like what I have seen and heard of this man. I cannot ask you to vote for him, I cannot campaign for him, I cannot ask you to send him money (I am prevented from all that by law because of my job with the government) but I can tell you my personal opinion about him:

I like him and his stance on the issues so tonight I donated money to him via his website at:

If he runs in the primaries I will vote for him in the primary in my state. As I understand it, he plans to run if his donations reach 1 million dollars by the end of this month, as per his own words on the John Gambling show, on local station 770 AM this morning.

If he is nominated in the primaries and gets the Republican nod, I will be voting for him come the election.

I believe him to be a hundred times more conservative, and therefore more Republican than McCain, Giuliani, Romney or any other Republican hopeful so far; and as a matter of fact I believe him to be 100 times the Republican all of the other hopefuls would be if they were combined. That is why I sent him a donation tonight.

You do whatever you want to do on this one, but I recommend that you go to his site and check out that for which he stands, see Then check out the other candidates too, and start to make up your own minds. Read up on him, and his past record, and try to see if he has flip-flopped like some of the other candidates who suddenly have become more conservative and more Republican than their records would indicate. This is the man for me so far. No one else comes close as far as I can see.

As a matter of fact, here is something you might miss that is on his site, on the bottom of his bio page:

"When Tom is not in Washington, you can usually find him either trap, skeet, and clay pigeon shooting, or with his grandsons, building trains, racing cars, riding bikes, or playing ball."

Yes even though not all those hobbies are similar to mine, we all know I enjoy at least one of them and I enjoy it with my son. That he shoots with his children and grandchildren makes him all that much more dear to my heart.

I'll say it again, this is the man I think should be our next president; please check him out compared to the others and see what you think.

All the best,
Glenn B