Monday, September 27, 2010

Today In History - Well In My Personal History Anyhow

Today marks the last day of the 31st year I have spent in government service. Tomorrow starts a new year for my service, the 32nd year. I think I will pull the plug at or near the end of 32 years next September.

I am not going to go into a long or even brief history of my career that began in the Border Patrol, changed to the Customs Patrol, then to the Customs Office of Investigations and finally to Homeland Security Investigations with a good number of temporary assignments in there with my home agencies as well as to being temporarily assigned to other agencies like the Secret Service and the Federal Air Marshals Service. I could tell you some pretty wild stories about arrests I have made, seizure I have effected, fights for my life I have been in and luckily won, conquests I made of senoritas down south of the border (and those north of it too), crazy things I have seen, sacrifices I and others have made, injustices I have witnessed and tried to right, my family life and on and on. Someday, I think I really will have to write a book about it all. It has been one heck of a career so far.

When I started off, I sure looked a bit different than my portly self does today - that is for sure.

All the best,