Thursday, December 2, 2010

Interesting Video Of English Police and a Pro-Islamic Mob

A simply very interesting video that should be of educational value to freedom loving American citizens who also love their country and their own rights. I believe those rights are truly jeopardized by others who would overrun you, your way of life and your government then invoke religious law. If you do not think that true then check the history books. It has already happened in England from what I can see and English law and law enforcement seems to me to be powerless against it right now. It is history and it is continuing because we refuse to learn from the past. Well, if we do not want to learn from the past, let's at least take heed of the present. Here we have an example of what is currently known to be the most violent religion in the world religion of peace facing off against the police in England. Well, not really the present but close enough, this took place less than one year ago.

Wake up folks there is a lot to learn from this and from what else has been happening in England in recent times.

All the best,
Glenn B

The Son Has Asked Me To Help Him With...

...filling out a pistol permit application. Oh well, I suppose it only natural. It is a good thing too. Wish him luck.

By the way, it is not concealed carry - they will not issue them here in NY in the great majority of cases. It will be for target & hunting. At least it is a start.

All the best,