Monday, August 30, 2021

I Am Waiting To See - How Biden - Who Broke His Vow... have U.S. troops remain inside Afghanistan until every last American citizen, who wanted to leave, was safely evacuated from that country (source) - will blame it on President Trump. 
You know it is probably inevitable that the incompetent boob will play the blame game if only because it is almost a given that one of his handlers will instruct him to do so. He seems little more than a trained chimpanzee (no insult to chimps intended) or closer yet to being a rock with lips who does nothing without permission of someone behind the curtain (probably behind the Iron Curtain or the Red Curtain or both). 
He is the candidate the libtards picked to be the president of the United States of America. Damn, there certainly were better ones in the running (even though I disliked them all - there were some much better picks than him if it had to go left); they scraped the shit right off someone's shoes when they selected Biden.
In my 65 plus years on this earth, I have never seen a more incompetent bumbling fool in the White House. He makes LBJ, Carter, and even Obama almost look close to having been good. No, I did not mention Clinton - nothing could make him look even almost close to having been good although he probably was not as bad as Biden will prove to have been by the end of his term.
As far as I am concerned, Biden is a traitor who has abandoned Americans and in coddling the Taliban has left us open to new terrorist attacks on U.S. soil by them, ISIS-K, al-Qaeda or all of them.
All the best,
Glenn B