Tuesday, December 21, 2021

A Philosophical Rant: The Cute Little Dog Next Door

That mutt has been barking & howling incessantly for at least the past 4 hours or so. It often is in that noisy state at this transition time between late night/early morning. In fact, it has been very annoying - now for at least a month or two - especially when I am trying to go to sleep any time after 9PM until 1AM on a weeknight. Right now, it is just wailing away as usual and being a friggin' extremely noisy pest as I have been trying to snooze but it has been keeping me awake. Thank goodness or my efforts to prevent her from doing so that my mongrel does not present herself as a noisy annoying pest as does, I think, my neighbor's dog.
I guess the owner is at work and it suffers from separation anxiety? So, here is what I did in hopes of copping with it: I changed my go to sleep hours and have tried to go to bed three hours or so later than I had been going to bed. That does not fucking help because when the owner(s) get(s) home she or he or they make a bunch of noise for an hour or two, then at least one takes a shower. The pipes running waer for the shower, being in a wall near to my bedroom, are friggin' very noisy at 1 or 2AM.

I admittedly have banged on the walls once or maybe twice in disgusted protest, that did not help. I have complained to the complex management - also no help so far. I am thinking of actually setting up surveillance and watching to see when they come and go. Then figure out when they sleep. Then when I think they are sleeping to jump up and down, bark & howl, and run the water in my shower and to do all that every night for a month but figure I should not because I am not leftist scum and because it just would not be right. Anyway, actually doing it would serve them well, I think; they have been doing it to me for well over a month but as I indicated it would not be ethical nor would it be me. 
Really folks, neighbors suck when - if it were not for bad manners,  they would have no manners at all. In fact that is the problem with America because if anyone truly gave a shit about everyone else, we would not be in the current predicament in which we find ourselves being at one another's throats. Why? Because we would instead exhibit good manners toward one another no matter our political affiliations; in other words we would respect one another because we would deserve that respect based upon the respect we gave first without anything other reason than us having good manners in the first place.  
Sadly, exhibiting good manners toward one another seems absolutely impossible with leftists being part of the picture and I am saying that as a true middle of the road libertarian.  I rally don't get it, they view anyone else as bad people with terrible ideas instead of viewing them as somebody else with an opinion whether thought wrong or right by them. It's how I viewed leftists for many years but they kept being so radically different than the rest of us, I have arrived at the conclusion that it must be something in the water or that they are just frigging out of their minds.

All the best,
Glenn B