Friday, October 12, 2012

Here I Am In Horseheads, NY... if you are guessing that I made the decision to go to the firearms auction tomorrow, that I wrote about in my post immediately prior to this one, you would be right. I am, about 50 miles from the auction location, here at Motel 6 in Horseheads.

The town and village name of Horseheads has to be one of the oddest names I have ever heard of for a town and one that I like very much. So, I just checked the town website and clicked on the town history link. At that link you will find what is a brief but most assuredly interesting story that tells how the name came about.

I doubt that I will be blogging more tonight. I want to review the auction catalog once more to make sure I did not miss anything on which I might place a bid as far as guns go. They are also auctioning old cars, a new vehicle, militaria, hunting and fishing equipment, taxidermy mounts, decoys, ammo and firearms accessories and maybe another thing or two. I am mostly interested in the firearms and will only check the catalog for them tonight. There is a chance I will also bid on something else since last time I was at this auction house I bid on a deer head mount and a dagger too (and brought them home since I had the high bids on them) but as I said my sights are set mainly on the firearms.

I hope to get to the auction house by 0730. I am not sure when they open but that should get me there early enough to register without waiting too long on a line and will give me a good amount of time to preview items. On my previous trip, I got to see many of the guns the night before the auction but not this time. I will have to do all of my previewing tomorrow morning. That means an early to bed time for me, within the hour.

All the best,
Glenn B

Gun Auction Spurs Some Decision Making

Decisions always seem to have to be made and thus my little gray cells get a workout choosing the course of my day. For instance, I received a flier in the mail, only a couple of days ago, for a gun auction about 300 miles from my home that takes place tomorrow. I had been planning on visiting my nephew for a belated b'day celebration tomorrow but now that has changed. I am not saying for sure that I am leaving, to drive to the town in which the auction will be held, sometime later today, but if things turn out just right over the next few hours, then I'll have that decision to make.

I already decided to visit my nephew on Sunday instead of Saturday. Now to see if I can: get an oil change for the car, money from the bank, a purchase document or two for a pistol or two from the police department (it sucks living in the repoobliKista comunista de Nueva Yorkistan) and get some few things done around the house. I would have to accomplish all those things before it would be too late to take off within a reasonable time frame to make it to the motel at which I already have a reservation. I have until 6PM to cancel the reservation without penalty but sure would like to leave home, if I decide to make the trip, at least a few hours before that deadline. Leaving by 2PM would be okay I guess. Decisions, decisions, all based on how and when things turn out - so maybe I had best get a move on.

Since I just took my new thyroid medication only 30 minutes ago I have to wait another 15 to 30 before breakfast. It says to wait 30 to 60 minutes before eating and I split the difference. I take it at waking, and sure woke up late but had my first good night's sleep in months, almost a full 6 hours without getting up once!While I do have to wait a bit for breakfast, I suppose going upstairs and preparing it will take up that time quite nicely and get me one step closer to some fast paced bidding. So, without further blabbing by way of blogging, I am off to begin my day and toward making the decision as to whether or not I am going to that firearms auction.

Oh yeah, I have one other important decision to make - how to break this, just right, to the wife.

All the best,
Glenn B