Thursday, December 17, 2020

Ordered Two "Cases" of 9MM Ammo

Last night, I ordered a 500 round "case" of Remington Military & Police 9mm training ammo yesterday and the same of Federal 9mm training ammo as well from Target Sports USA (always though a case of 9mm had 1K rounds in it). Wow were those ever so expensive! I am gambling that getting it now is better than getting it once Biden is sworn in as president, especially if the demonkrats win the two Senate seats in Georgia. Either way, with them winning both seats or not, a Biden presidency is not going to be good for ammo prices or so I am betting, thus my gamble on getting it now. 

 Still, I have to wonder about my sanity since it cost me over $550 for the thousand rounds and because I already had a decent supply of 9mm on hand; ammo that I got at good prices when the world - or at least the U.S. of A. - was still more or less normal! Seems like a much longer time ago than it actually has been what with all that has happened since last January or so!Anyway, all this nonsense and anarchy, chicanery and political corruption has me buying ammo whenever I can lay hands on it. As far as that is concerned, the sky high prices have changed almost nothing in my ammo buying habits.

All the best,
Glenn B