Friday, February 18, 2011

Hey Wisconsin Teachers - I Am a Government Employee - I Cannot Unionize - I Cannot Strike...

...I Live With It And Can Honestly Say - What do you mean you do not see fit to pay what is certainly an acceptable and ethical percentage of your health insurance and retirement and are unwilling to to give up your outrageous bargaining power that, in my opinion, just keeps sponging off of the rest of your state's citizens.

Government Employees are already safeguarded by our government and do not need blood sucking unions to suck the tax payer dry to protect government workers. What they need is to remember that not only are they too tax payers but they serve the people, they are public servants. They are not masters of the people for whom they work, they are servants - get that, this includes the teachers in Wisconsin. They are employees of the citizens and they already make a really nice salary with way too nice benefits as far as I see it (but of course who is it that seemingly cries for all this all of the time but teachers and other union members). How dare they want to propagate more of what, in my opinion, has brought them to this damnable economic situation in their state and what almost certainly is much the same of what brought us to our poor economic state federally.

Here was a man with the right idea as far as government employees going on strike was concerned - he offered them a good raise, then he negotiated with them when their union demanded an astronomical pay raise, then when they and the union kept demading - he warned them not to break the law by striking, then when they went out on strike - he fired them (but even then he gave them 48 hours of chances to reconsider):

It is high time to tell the unions to go screw themselves at least in the case of unionized government employees. They have been telling the rest of us to go screw ourselves for years while they have had it better than good, now they don't want to budge an inch or give up a dime. Shame on them but better yet - SCREW THEM they have become what they were supposed to be protecting against, in my opinion, they have been exploiting us as big business used to exploit the worker. The people they are exploiting are the tax payers as I see it.

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Did Mexican Troops Invade U.S.A. - Then Take Military Action On Our Side Of The Border???

This is not a drill, this is for real. Mexican troops may have driven into the United States territory and then taken military action against apparent civilians, then seemingly fled the area back into Mexico. Is this the cooperation of which President Obama and Janet Napolitano spoke when saying that Mexico and the U.S. were cooperating in the war on drugs? If our troops had gone into Mexico like this it would have been a major international incident with us apologizing profusely and maybe someone bowing to someone else. As it is, our agents are not allowed to be armed within Mexico, even when in the most dangerous areas and on potentially dangerous assignments because Mexico forbids it, yet they take the liberty of sending their armed troops across our border. How times have changed - we are now a third world nation for all purposes from what I can tell!

My bet is that Mexico will deny it was their military but look at the video. You tell me, do you think military like vehicles carrying armed men are the norm near border crossing points in Mexico. Yes they are, in the form of Mexican Immigration authorities, Mexican Customs authorities, Mexican police officials on the state and federal levels and of course - Mexican Military personnel. As opposed to the USA, Mexico regularly has armed military personnel near its borders. It's not likely these were cartel members driving around freely like that at the border, it is very likely they were in the Mexican army.

See the article and video here:

Or just watch the video here:

Video Shows Armed Men Crossing Border into US from Mexico; Possible Mexican Military Incursion:

Could you hear the guy who was interviewed, the sound was terrible on my laptop, hopefully you heard it better. Sounded as if he was making excuses for them, maybe they did not know they crossed the border! Wouldn't it be pretty important for an army to know where is the border!!!

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A Good Example Of Training Taking Over

I was bored to tears this morning and took a spin over to YouTube and typed the term 'pistol shooting' into its browser. One of the videos struck me as a fine example of just how training kicks in while shooting or handling guns under stress. Now, you may watch this video and be amused; I was too. You may also watch it, after having read what I have just written, and then scratch your head and wonder what the heck I was writing about when I said that this video shows training kicking it. No, its not a pun, it has nothing to do with the 'kick' of the pistol in this video except that the kick of the pistol and its result is what causes the stress that causes the training to come into play. Watch it and see what I mean. If you don't get, or even if you think you do but want to be sure, go to the comments section of this post where I explain it.

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Glenn B