Tuesday, July 6, 2010

103 Degrees Fahrenheit

Yep, it was hot in NY City today. I figure it had to be close to the same temp where I live too. Nice to have worked inside all day today is all I can say but waiting for the tow company to come to jump start the battery in my government car this morning - for 1 1/2 hours then having to wait another 15 minutes for them to get it done and write it up - was a sweaty pain the back. It had to have been at least 90 by around 10:30 or 11:00 AM. Not complaining, just stating. Oh golly, I just thought, it never felt quite this bad in Arizona, I suppose because its a dry heat - yeah right!!!!!!!!!!! Hot is hot and humidity just makes it suck. Lucky for me I am not in Orlando. Then again I could have a 2nd career down there as Dopey or maybe as Grumpy. Nope, I still have not had a cold one tonight.

Later for you,

MSN Error Code 0x85ad320d

So, I get home tonight, eat dinner, sign onto MSN Hotmail via MSN Live and get a message that my account has been closed due to what APPEARS to have been a terms of service violation.

I headed upstairs to the main PC in the living room, signed onto my MSN Premium account and was able to sign onto my email.

I then called Verizon with whom I have FIOS and through whom I get my MSN Premium. I explained what was happening when I tried to sign onto my email via MSN LIVE / Hotmail. They said there is nothing wrong with my email account but will put me through to MSN. The gentleman at MSN says the only reason they shut accounts like that is for spamming and I explained I am an adult with half a brain and do not spam. He puts me on hold to check things, comes back on the line and says that it was obvious I had not spammed anyone and that my account will be back up and working in about 2 hours.

Aha, I figure - that is only my Hotmail account. I go back to my account via the MSN Premium sign-on and guess what, it does not work now either. I get an error message: Your account has been closed - Error Message 0x85ad320d. That sucks. I imagine though, I can go 2 hours without email. If all is well within 2 hours then all will be well, if not I am going to hate to have to call them again. I was on the phone with Verizon and MSN for over 21 minutes. I have no little patience for that sort of thing especially when it is because I am trying to get someone else's screwup fixed and one call was probably my limit. Oh well, maybe an icy cold Pilsner Urquell will soothe the beast within.

All the best,
Glenn B