Monday, September 6, 2010

A Commercial That Sure Would Get Me To Their Store... the one over on the right sidebar near the top of my blog; that is if the store was a local one or probably even within about a hundred miles of my home. That has got the be the best commercial I have ever seen, if it is real. I wonder a bit if it is a real ad because it is suposedly for a store in the RepubliK of Kalifornia and I sort of thought that ARs would be ilegal in that godforsaken state.

Whatever, if a real commercial or only just a college video project, it is absolutely great. I especially like the part where she tells it like it is to the 911 operator when the operator says the police should be there in a couple of minutes. She replies "I don't have a couple of minutes". That was the perfect answer and her taking action the perfect followup. All those ads on television for alarm companies, showing them saving the day when your burglar alarm goes off are just so much BS as I see them. If a breakin really happened the way they show it, but then the guy did not run at the sound of the alarm - what then? Is there some sort of magic in that alarm going off that would deter a psycho?

This is probably more like what would really happen if the alrm went off and a determined dirtbag wanted to get you: The alarm goes off, they respond by calling you, you speak to them to confirm a problem, they call police, they speak to the police 911 operator, the 911 operator contacts police, the 911 operator tells the police of the emergency, if the police are not already involved with other emergencies and have free officers the police then head to your place and arrive probably anywhere fro 5 minutes to up to a half hours (or more depending on where you live) after you have been injured, raped, kidnapped or killed. If someone is truly intent on getting in to harm you, or if they are stoned enough or crazy enough or desperate enough - they may just be coming in even if your alarm goes off because they know it takes for the cavalry to arrive. What most of these dirtbags do not expect, when they unknowingly break into an armed person's home, is that the cavalry is quite possibly already there!

Great commercial. The guy who sent it to me called it The Best Commercial Ever Made In The USA. I have to agree.

All the best,
Glenn B

Fasting versus Dieting

I have not eaten anything since 8PM last night. I have not even had a glass of juice. All I have had have been a large cup of coffee and a glass of artificially sweetened ice tea and some water.

Now can someone explain the mystery to me? Why is it I can not exhibit this amount of control if I am trying to diet but I can do it when I am going in for a friggin medical test???

Needing to diet,

Heck It's Almost Chilly Out There Today...

...and it sure was chilly last night. I suppose that Fall is on its way even though not here officially until later this month. Fall-like weather arriving early gets no complaints from me, that is early Fall-like weather with temps in the 60s to 70s. You can take that late November and December weather and send it to the Arctic.

As for today, it should be a beautiful day. Nice temps, blue skies, slight breeze, the birds are singing (chirping anyway), and I have a nice mug of fairly hot coffee in front of me. Now if I can find a rifle range that is open on labor Day and not too far away, well then it might just be a perfect day.

All the best,
Glenn B