Wednesday, February 14, 2018

I May Live To Regret Giving Notice... work today that I am resigning within 2 weeks of them finally hiring a full time person to take over the slot I have been covering for over two months now. Then again, it may be the best thing I have done for myself in a long time since I find it very difficult to put up with all the petty workplace shit that takes place each and every workday, the coddling of aliens who entered this county illegally, the anonymous customer survey reports that the aliens can file - of which the bad ones against an employee are considered absolute proof of wrongdoing relative to the yearly employee appraisals, the fact they throw out the good comments on a daily basis and give them absolutely zero credence toward showing the good work accomplished by any employees, the fact they recently enacted an anonymous reporting system for one employee to report another for alleged wrong doing (that I fear will be taken as gospel truth of wrongdoing just as are the anonymous customer survey cards) , the lack of respect between employees (there are three different entities where I work - one a government official, others who do fingerprinting of the aliens and then the security personnel), the amount of outright blatant disrespect of the workers at each site from managerial and supervisory personnel and from the customers (the aliens) as opposed to the liberalized politically correct pampering and self back-patting of aliens who entered the country illegally as well as those who entered legally (but who evidently want to make the United States of America like the shitholes from which they fled), and of course - the fact that I started my federal career arresting illegal aliens and making sure they were removed from within our borders but that now in effect I am in some small manner helping illegals stay here today galls me no end. That even if I am only a security guard who merely hands out and helps with paperwork.

Add to all that there is no way to get a raise because it is a contract job and after 3.5 years there, and good appraisals each year, I certainly think I deserve a raise and maybe even recompense for my travel expenses. I get assigned to cover for other guards who are out on sick leave, vacation or whatever and travel to 6 different offices to do so. I asked for a raise and travel expenses recently and was told both were impossible. So, it all adds up to a very, very, very depressing place to work. I guess my boss laughing at me when he called me today and said something to the effect he had received my resignation - followed by a loud guffaw - put the last nail in the coffin even though he then added that my work was appreciated and I would be welcome back anytime (somehow the laugh kind of ruined that last part). Thus, I did not listen to my own advice, that which I gave my son recently, about not quitting a job until you have a new one lined up - this job just got to sucking hat much I needed out.

So, I will be looking for another job but I think not before I take a road trip of a couple to a few weeks to see Brendan down in AR and maybe who knows what adventures I will have and where I may wind up along the way there and back again. Yes, it may have been a bad move to quit and I may wind up regretting it but as I said it also may be the best move I have made in years or maybe ever! Time will tell which way it will turn out.

Anybody hiring for a decent paying firearms related job?

All the best,
Glenn B