Sunday, June 8, 2014

Why Have I Never Bought A Hot Shots Calendar?

I sure don't know the answer to that question. Now now that I have seen the video, on YouTube, called Hot Shots Calendar 2014 - Behind The Scenes, I regret never buying one before but regret even more so that I never watched one of their videos before. I am pretty sure that if I see their 2015 calendar for sale this coming December, I am buying one for me and one for my son.

Men, the video is well worth the watch - lots of guns and lots of jiggling boobs. Women, unless you prefer women, don't bother because I am sure one of you will just call me some sort of sexist pig, as did a recent commenter on one of my older posts. I can only imagine that comment was brought on by her panties wadding up betwixt her camel's toes and I don't want to discomfort any more of you.

All the best,
Glenn B

If and When The Revolution Begins...

...I would hope it would not be an act of cowardly lunatics for ambush anyone as were the two police offices in Las Vegas today. It is a tragic tale, a male and female suspect entering  pizzeria, shooting the two officers who were eating lunch (one officer reportedly getting off at least one shot before he died), the suspects taking the officers weapons and ammunition then telling restaurant patrons to "tell the police this is a revolution". They then headed across to and entered a Walmart where they reportedly shot an innocent bystander. One report says that bystander was a licensed concealed weapons holder who engaged the bad guys and shot one of them, other reports make no mention of that person engaging the bad guys. Then the suspects reportedly went to the inside back of the store where they were engaged by responding police officers. The woman then reportedly killed her male counterpart and then turned the gun on herself committing suicide. Not exactly the type I would choose to follow into battle during a revolution.

Condolences to the families and loved ones of the officers and of the innocent civilian who were gunned down by these bastards.

All the best,